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I feel stunned - just returned from BOGI Fair with another load of plants - did managed to get several things on my list TEA, Yellow Jaboticaba, Vanilla vine ( orchard) Pandan Amarylliious, and Atherton Almond so there I was thinking thats it ! no more but even before we got home I have a new wish list !!!!! yellow and red gramachamas, Capulin Cherry ( heres hoping those wonderful cuttings take Dianne ) more figs pecans lets try 
Chestnuts  Hazlenuts walnuts and  Almonds, oh then we will need some more pepper - my pepper vine has disapearred!and then and then =   WILL WE EVER HAVE EVERYTHING  we can grow and can I give up work so I can grow it all? Oh and after last weeks GV I want a Tangelo !!!! 

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No we don't really Mary-Ann! Many times I've come home from BOGG meetings with armloads of plants, wondering where I would put them. A lot of them died too :-(

It's taken me who-knows-how-many years to realise I have a limited garden which will comfortably grow a few plants and that's it really. You have a great space and have almost-endless possibilities with orchards and greenhouses. Finding the right micro-climates for the diversity of plants you have growing is more of a challenge I suspect. Eg the Vanilla Orchid would surely need a warmer, moister climate than the Tea or Cherries. That's the challenge, to modify the existing climate to that favoured by the plants you want to grow. Preparing the soil is another challenge. A physical one, hauling ingredients up and down hills can't be simple.

Otoh - if you didn't have all those challenges, wouldn't life be infinitely dull? ;-)

yes thinking of putting the vanilla in the greenhouse under the watering system and yes life would be dull if we didnt have those challenges ! people keep telling me to retire but what would i do if i didnt have a job and an endless list - anyway i wouldnt be able to buy all those wonderful plants either ! so off to work tomorrow and plant and weed in the early morning and weed in the sfternoon. Have to catch a chock this afternoon and clip its wings - flies over the fence and just dug up the potatoes - so new potatoes in butter for tea ! YUMMM thats the rewards of hard work ! 

I'm told chooks are more easily caught around their bedtime. The guy on River Cottage Australia doesn't know that and makes shambles of catching his livestock, particularly the flying ones.

yes he does make a shambles of many things - havent decided if he is really ignorant or he plays up to the cameras - there would not  be a show if everything went smoothly  - some of the people who come visit him are Cols relations - the Dibden family are a large farming family from Tilba ! 

It's a bit of both. Hugh F-W would have him tutored no doubt. Small world, huh? My Dad came from Moruya and his Dad being the local Dentist knew just about everyone far and wide. His parents had friends in Tilba and Central Tilba. Geoff Bate who Holt's widow Zara married came from around there too.

He needs to train the dog to catch the chooks and other birds  we had a kelpie  that made it look easy.

Astonished that he never did the (to me) obvious thing of training the dog in basic sheepdog work. Easy enough with a talented dog.

Apparently the series was made some years ago and since then he sold the farm and moved with his family which we almost never see, to Newcastle complete with dog. What he's currently doing I've no idea.

He's doing the talking circuit and articles for ABC gardening mags.  There were a few seasons of the Oz one.  Digger (the dog) was taken to training school but was no star - LOL.  The property was owned by Hugh F-W, not Paul.  He's probably also cooking somewhere because he is a professional chef.  

Four seasons, originally 1 hr long but SBS chooses to play them in half-hours. Currently they are on season 3, episode 8. Makes sense Hugh FW would own the property. The whole thing has the look of something well-planned and deliberately showing 'Paul the Farmer' as a beginner making lots of blunders. If you go to SBS website then to the RCinA website (link on SBS) you'll see each episode says something like 'Can Paul do this, that?' deliberately making a drama where none probably existed. So the nonsense about catching flapping chooks e.g. is just that ... no sense.

It's still interesting for all that. Made more so for me because I know the area from childhood.

Yeah, I'm a tragic for that kind of show.  That's why I started my Youtube channel.  I'm quite happy to show people my mistakes. Hopefully, then others can avoid the same issues.  I never claim to be an expert because .. I'm not!

Elaine and Mary-Ann, many of our plants have come and gone over the years, but I did buy a vanilla orchid vine as we called it then.  I planted it up against the poinciana tree base and it had a little pond closeby. It grew quite a bit about 2 metres long, then I found out that the bug to pollinate it is not here, so hand pollination is required.  One day it vanished when someone decided to clean out the garden and tidy it up.  Does anyone else have problems with nasturtiums taking over their garden.  I missed Bogi fair again this year, (no driver) and I would have loved to sign up again.  

send me a message and if you live where I think you do we may be able to arrange a ride to the meetings 


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