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ABC's Health Report addresses a fascinating topic. Reasons why may not be as they seem when you look at the second longest lived cohort in the world.

First generation Greek Australians who are likely to have a backyard vegetable patch.

Blow your minds with Tegan and Norman...and feel real good about yourself.


 Your ears, gut and heart will thank you.

When it comes to predicting health risk, what’s more important: what you eat or what you weigh?


Tegan Taylor

Host, Coronacast; Reporter, ABC Science


Dr Norman Swan

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Way back when I was working in Melbourne's China Town, I'd eat lunch around the corner in Greek Town at a taverna.

I loved the food so much I must have eaten my way through the menu several times.

This was a traditional taverna -- the likes of which I have not found elsewhere (except perhaps Diethnes Greek Restaurant in Sydney). It no longer exists in Melbourne...

What I remember most about the food was that all the dishes I ate swum in olive oil. This tablespoon protocol for adding oil to food is no where near the generous gurgle that goes into traditional Greek tucker.  And the beans! With everything...also swimming in OO.

Braises in the main. Few salads on offer. You had to eat Italian to get a feed of raw greens.Everything in oil.

That's how I cook today. Even though my current cuisine penchant may be Mexican, I still cook 'in the Greek style'.

The clear takeaway is bulk up  your plate with  cooked tomatoes, olive oil +++ and alliums (onions, garlic, leeks, chives and shallots). Plus plenty of herbs. Always get your legumes in ya.

In the audio Dr Norman Swan celebrates sofrito -- which is, not only the best thing since sliced bread, but so much better.

The message for me is as simple as, "You are what you eat."  Lots of fruit and veg, not too much red meat and add a great batch of legumes, complex carbs and alliums.  Fresh is good.  I just assumed everyone used olive oil for their cooking?  So while I look like the Michelin Man, maybe I'm okay! 


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