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The garden visit at Dianne’s house on Sunday 18 September was a real treat!

There was so much to look at and enjoy. She has set up her garden in a variety of wonderful ‘rooms’, each with their own particular focus.

We started our visit on the back patio and were treated to a variety of wonderful nibbles – there was a selection of Dianne’s amazing home-made cheeses (including a Brie to die for), and some wonderful mulberries (from Suzanne) and wild raspberries (from Rob) as well as some of Andy’s  ‘dragon’s blood’ liquor made from cranberry hibiscus and chilli – Valerie said it packed quite a punch!  Christine shared some home-made dolmades made with mulberry leaves which were so delicious!



As we made our way around the yard we gained extra enjoyment from the little nametags that Dianne has made for all her plants. She has used Black Slate and a paint pen to write the name of the plant and its botanical name. If she’s grown it from a cutting or seed from another BLFer she gives them their dues, and also records the date she planted it. It added a whole extra dimension of enjoyment.

Everyone was impressed by the espaliered Tahitian lime at the back door. And Rob was very impressed with how healthy Dianne's Wasabi plant was looking.


Dianne lost some of her garden space earlier this year to Graham’s new shed but she re-established her back garden using black bags. Everything looked so lush and healthy …..


Dianne makes use of all the space available – it was so impressive!  She is also a firm believer in the benefits of creating growing conditions as closely aligned to a plant’s normal growing condition as possible.  Her blueberries and alpine strawberries were planted under a pine tree and Dianne uses the pine needles in the compost. She also uses New Zealand Peat in her Blueberry Plant pot.

Dianne taking us all through her garden ‘rooms’

As well as all her wonderful 'crops', Dianne has also maintained a very pretty front garden, with roses and lots of gorgeous bee attracting salvias. 

It was such a nice way to spend a Sunday morning, and as always, we came away with lots of ideas and inspiration for things we'd like to do in our own gardens.  Your garden is a real credit to you Dianne! Thanks so much Dianne and Graham for sharing it with us last Sunday.

Report by My Rozie. 

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Just beautiful Dianne. Felt like I was there... with the photos and descriptions Roz, thank you.

Everything looks lush, healthy and productive. Just love those little name tags - makes it so much easier to identify each plant and their source.

Great job, the plant health looks great, keep feeding that soil Dianne.

Where is the selection of photo's for Graham's (area) shed. Andy must have been at the bar or talking.


what an incredible garden - well done to both of you and ihanks Rob for the inspiring report///sure does make me feel like we had actually shared the day with everyone//// also makes me concerned here in Perth that it seems lke i will not be returning until the day before the group s on its Dayboro prilgramage - there was so much I wanted to get done!!!!! its 7c here at the moment with a chill  factor of 4 so it feels like 3c and even the rain feels more like sleet !!!not good gardening weather. Miss my glorious spring days !!!!

Hope things are going ok in Perth for your family Mary-Ann. Being selfish, let's hope you get back for the 8th. If it looks like you won't please let me know asap.

BTW Roz wrote the report not Rob.

sorry Roz =still an awesome report = will definitely be back for the 8th - booed for the night of the 6th/// its wonderful what a mums cooking cleaning destressing and playing taxi ibtead ofwalking to work in the cold rain ( an credit card) can do for anyone ! see you all then 


Comments in the Events listing from visitors:

Comment by Susanne on Monday
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Wonderful garden visit, each plant named with the date when planted... Awesome!! and on beautiful slate nameplates!!
All those different varieties of mint, still can't get over them. Thank-you Dianne for allowing me to take cuttings of the stone and ginger varieties.
Will beg a cutting from your second variety of Vietnamese mint (pepper) when it comes out of its winter sleep.

Oh to be so organised and have those lovely garden rooms and your double fenced courtyard adjacent to the garden work area yet a world apart. So very well organised ... sophisticated entertaining to farm yard a fence apart.
I loved visiting your garden a treat for all the senses.
Comment by Roger Clark on Sunday
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Diane and Graham, thanks for your hospitality yesterday, it was a great garden visit. Your garden is a wonderful example of what can be done on a typical suburban sized block, if you are prepared to work hard. What was also very impressive was the planning that Dianne does to provide the optimum growing conditions for each individual planting. Thanks everyone for your friendliness and the great food on offer it was also good to see newcomers there.

Comment by Sophie on Sunday
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Dianne, I've been dreaming about that blue cheese!!!!
Comment by Lissa on Sunday
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Glad it was such a success and very sorry to have missed it.

Comment by CHERYL SLAPP on Sunday
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Thanks Sophie, they weren't nasturtums she came here with, must be the violas, will check on line to make sure before I eat any of them.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on Sunday
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GREAT GV!  I am hastling My Rozie to do the pix.  Garden is amazing Dianne!

Comment by Sophie on Sunday
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Dianne & Graham, wow what an amazing garden/art/botanical master piece! So enjoyable and relaxing, chatting in the different "rooms", love it.

& Thanks Roger for the pomegranate, Rob for the native raspberry & Darren for the pigeonpea - a total win, they were all on my wishlist!

Cheryl - do you mean the little violas Valerie brought? I'm not sure about striking but she said they are tasty in salads. I brought the nasturtiums - you can just bury in soil and water them for first week and they should take
Comment by CHERYL SLAPP on Sunday
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Hi Dianne, Hope you can help - Chris said Sophie had cuttings on the table which had small flowers on it - do you know what it was and also how you get it to strike (potting mix or water?)

Since last weeks visit my dreams are filled of me traipsing around my own beautiful fruiting, flowering and glowing garden (such as Diannes)... then I remember my chooks and my ad hoc garden practices and it quickly moves into a nightmare with date of demise being added regularly to the now tombstones.
Oh! For Diannes dedication and fingers :)

You are too kind Susanne. My garden is the sort that has just grown over the years, adding more rooms as my interest grows. Though I am just about out of room. I do have plans for along the front of the house as most of the plants along there are starting to look very tired. Time to plant more Fruiting type trees and vines.

Looked like an amazing edible garden with very interesting plants - shame I had to work and missed it!  I like the sound of the dolmades using mulberry leaves!

Comment by Valerie 8 hours agoDelete Comment

This was lunch the day after the GV. Duck egg (Oh so creamy) with shallow fried kale (Oh so yummy), feta and some tomatoes from my own garden. Thank you everybody for the goodies and inspiration. I loved the liquor and the cheeses on the day too.

I'll let Mrs Quacker know that you enjoyed her offering :)
You can't beat duck eggs when baking, or in lemon butter, if making pancakes with wheat flour they take them up a notch or two. They are my secret ingredient.


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