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Hi there all yam growers society members lol. For anyone that may have decided to grow these beautiful vines and hopefully harvest  a valuable tuber or two later  I have put the vine photos on to show and help you identify what you may actually have.The top photo shows the greater yam ,The bottom photo shows the winged yam.These ones are rather late starters as some we have in Diannes garden would be nearly 2 metres high while some of mine are not far behind.Believe it or not this morning I actually cut a small piece with chute of a winged yam for planting.The unbelievable bit is that  I  actually harvested that paticular yam in winter ,such is their great  keeping ability and its still fine to eat.The winged yam in the photo I know is definately what it is, I received the root from a Sri Lankin friend and yep they know their yams.He also grows the very hard to find  elephant foot yam wich sadly he did not have any spare cuttings,so he said anyway .lol.If you have a vine wich looks different from both photos please show them.Having bought some from different asian grocers anything is possible and we may have a few more types.

Another photo shows the greater yam on the left and the winged yam to the right.Note the red tinge to the glossier winged yams leaf, right photo,they really look fantastic on a fence or stand and I first came across this vine at sth banks epicurious garden.Ive set up a small trellis hoping to get the same effect.

Count me in Darren, I have grown a type of yam in the past but did not know the variety. Look forward to the results of yours and Dianne's experiments.

Also Darren, check my " Friend Request", I sent it days ago.

Sorry James been keeping an eye out for it mate but not found it

This time around I have many more in the ground. I have a couple of years experience with the winged yam but are looking forward to my take with greater yam.But above ground they are very confusing aside from the stem purpling.. I may have some Elephant Foot underground but I'm not sure what I brought.I know I cut it up, potted it and planted it only last week.

You go to African or Chinese/Indian shops and they all say 'yam' despite the difference in the tubers. But i reckon they all taste more or less the same.

Hi Dave ,the elephant foot yam mate doesnt grow on a vine like our other winged and greater yams.It grows more as a medium type shrub and there are some reasonable sites regarding this. For identification I had the same problem when buying the other tubers although the shopkeepers were helpful unfortunately the knowledge on the tubers english names wasnt,probably why Ive taken interest in these different crops.

Thanks for posting this Darren. I got this lovely yam from Susanne's garden at her GV and was pleasantly surprised when it suddenly burst from the pot about two months ago or so.

From your photos it's obviously a greater yam. Thanks for the ID.


although not a yamoligist yet LOL It does look like one to me ,see you tomorrow

Somehow I missed this talk on yams.  Interesting info. Would love to get hold of the elephant foot yam when I find one. 

I think green harvest is your best bet Christa to find one,they seem to be very hard to find otherwise


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