Damn - I've got worms!!!

Well, I will soon.  Our very famous Rob Bob (aka Rob on here) mentioned Nightcrawler compost worms.  I got a price from one of the big hardware chains - $50 for 500 red wrigglers.  I got 1000 for $35 (includes post) from Eco Valley Worms which is a local company and they are Nightcrawlers (a better class of worm... um.. apprently).

Greg who owns Eco Valley Worms also sent me a heap of useful info on worm farming.

I always like to mention when I get great service at reduced price. It's a bonus when it is local.  

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  • Was gonna recommend essential bergamot oil, taken internally, for parasitic worms but hey, I see you have plans for them. ;-)  Go Andrew!

  • I love my worm farm. Best effort yet to provide regular, organic, self sustaining fertiliser. I mainly use to tea (1:10) for leafy greens, as I figure it is highest in nitrogen. I have the red type, I bought from a culture taken from Rochedale Community Garden through Turners Nursery. I really (ideally) want chickens but my partner and dog don't share my enthusiasm.  ;-) They especially adore watermelon and sweeter fruits but also eat and compost paper n cardboard, hair and lint from the clothes drier. (!)

    • I figure I'll blend up some vege/fruit scraps for mine.  Most of it already goes to compost so it won't be much different really.   And, I too am waiting to get chickens. They'd just end up expensive Husky food at the moment. 

  • African Nightcrawlers, so I read, aren't called that for nothing … they crawl or wriggle out of their homes at night. That's why most compost worms are the Red Wrigglers - they stay put and do a fine job. They live under my compost bins as it turns out so I get a free dose of worms with each batch of compost. I've found them in aged 5-in-1 too so their egg cocoons are in lots of things these days.

    • If they go crawling too much in the aquaponics, they'll end up as fish dinner.  

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