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Helped a friend prune a couple of branches from his tree and I staggered away with a box of green custard apples. As there are only so many a girl can eat does anyone else want some?

I live in Brighton and could leave them just inside the front gate. If you want to pick some up just msg me for my address.


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I don't need any, but I just wanted to acknowledge your most kind offer.  Good on you Susanne!

Likewise not in need but thank you for offering them Susanne.

How are the bees doing now? Hope they settled down eventually.

Thank-you for asking, I need someone to commiserate with.

I lost one hive last week ?to the wasp mimicking fly?,

I was devastated to return from down south where I was visiting a very ill friend to find honey dripping from the hive entrance. The hive had been very well and happy when I left as I'd just checked them and the boxes were full of brood and the honey super 1/3 full.

It was full of yellow maggots when I returned. Nothing I could do except clean it out and put out in the sun to sterilise.

The other two hives seem to be fine.

Thank goodness the other two hives are ok. You know I lost my hive last year much the same way. Someone suggested the hive was weak to invasion as it perhaps hadn't re-queened. Poor little things can't tell us.

oh that's awful, commiserations

So sorry Katie,

They had ripened up and yesterday I gave the last away. I took some to work and the plumbers came to do a job in the office and as I was eating mine at morning tea the aroma enticed them. They had some for their lunch.
I'll ask Colin if he has any more on the tree and will contact you if his answer is 'yes'


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