• I made the most delicious Roasted pumpkin soup last week. I roasted a whole jap pumpkin (peeled, chopped into big pieces), 2 brown onions, 4 potatoes and 2 carrots woth a bit of olive oil and some seasonig. After that i chucked it all in the slow cooker, covered with boiling water with 2 tbs massel vegie seasoning mixed in. when it was starting to mush up i helped it along a bit with potato masher and ate it just like that (still pretty chunky). I know its double handling it by roasting first but it seemed to add a bit more flavour. Next time i might try chucking it all in the slow cooker raw. Good luck :-) Oh and 1/2 a bunch of garlic cloves roasted too - gotta love roasted garlic - yum!!!
  • Also how weird is it that the chives and the pumpkins are ready at the same time? My old chives are slumping and sending up new shoots - perfect for the pumpkin soup harvest. It's probably the origin of the traditional garnish I guess. I reckon it makes all the difference to this soup too - a blob of yoghurt and the chives and cracked black pepper - unbeatable.
  • I don't have any specifically for pumpkins and a slow cooker I'm afraid. I do a lot of slow food in my earthenware pot. I caramelise onion, add some sort of meat if I have it (eg lamb shank, organic free range chicken thigh), then add chopped vegies, maybe a tin of tomatoes, herbs (bay leaf, turmeric, saffron, coriander, moroccan lemon, oregano, cumin, thyme, basil, sage - whatever is flavour of the month :), a cup or two of some sort of dried bean/ pea/ barley or soup mix, and water or chicken stock to cover. Then I bring it to the simmer and put it in the oven on 150 for an hour or two (or I let it simmer with the lid slightly ajar on the top of the stove for the same amount of time - the oven is better for any meat on the bone dishes). At the end I add more fresh herbs (particularly parsley) and seasoning (salt and pepper). It's often even better the next day.

    The kids will eat ANYTHING cooked in this manner - old boot, eggplant skin, enormous quantities of silverbeet - ANYTHING :) especially if you sprinkle fresh grated parmesan on it :) Great with rice or couscous, or by itself if it has potato in it. I just do something different each time and it always comes out delicious (just be wary of the cabbage family, as using this can result in old sock pong).

    A big favourite here is always roasted pumpkin - chop, roll in olive oil and salt and (a little bit of) chopped rosemary and (quite a lot of minced) garlic, roast until all caramel and delicious. Yum! Great for warming up the house too.
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