Composted Horse Manure Delivery

$3 a bag min 50 bags

Smaller amounts available for a delivery fee. Offer for Brisbane, Moreton, Logan and Ipswich area.

$10-20 deliver excess depending on total distance and time.

The product is collected from local farms every few months, it is then piled up in 10cu piles and ages and we bag as required.

Contact myself via sms or on facebook 0406 306 003

Happy gardening!


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  • Hi Susanne, I cannot reply on facebook but I viewed the link. For starters im not sure if thats from a pesticide or just excessive nitrogen burning the plant?

    As for out stuff, its composted and "biologically active". We do not spray any herbicides in the area where we store the manure. As we source from businesses all around SEQ we cannot speak for every location but the composting process (which achieves temperatures of 72c) breaks down all exotic chemicals in a short period of time.

    You need to be careful if you have a bag that smells really urea, this is an indication that there is excessive nitrogen and you should spread this over a bigger area.

    I find it hard to believe that someone would spray herbicides on manure being sold as a garden input so I am going to warn you about excess nitrogen. Chicken poo is too high in nitrogen and needs to be composted (by being mixed with other lower nitrogen inputs not just piled up) before use. While horse and cow manure is not as rich it is possible to have a pile of manure and have varying levels of nitrogen throughout the pile. A bit of scienctific knowledge sense is required when using these inputs.

    I try to give the right advice to my customers and answer any questions they may have.

    Any further questions give me a call on 0406 306 003


    Brisbane Rural Produce
    • Thanks Tim
  • Hi Tim,

    Looking for you expertise...

    One of the participants on an Aust Bee Facebook page recently wrote that they had purchased some horse manure from the side of the road (don't know where) and that from the deformed plant growth after application it appears that the manure contained a herbicide that may have come from fodder the horse ate.

    This is an awful result for them.

    Would composted stable manure be less prone to this?...
  • Looks like the whole load is now spoken for (at the GV) Tim :)

  • Sounds good see you Sunday.
    • You mean Saturday? Not this weekend but the next.

  • Morning Tim.

    We're having a GV (Garden Visit) here at my place on 16th May from 10am to 12noon and some of the members are keen to take home some manure. So far about 30+ bags. See GV HERE for discussion.

    Either we can organise another full load of 50 (I'll quite happily keep whatever is left over) or you are welcome to come on the day yourself with the product and meet some of the members.

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