• We just emptied a compost bin this morning and our chickens benefitted from the multiple cockroaches that had been busily assisting the worms break down our household waste.

    • Definitely win-win :)

  • Great idea¬†but it's the yecch-factor which gets to me.

    • We've been programmed to detest cockroaches, but there are all different sorts of course.

      The species of roach I got is a standard feeder species, Blatta lateralis, you can buy them in many pet stores or order online. I ordered off a craigslist type site local to the Philippines, went down to the station and met a guy with a bag of roaches.

      • In America. Just imagine the furore if we tried to import exotic cockies! We've plenty of our own anyway - the big 'racehorses' which fly into houses are exotic as are the little light brown jobs. Our own native mostly rainforest species don't come into houses like our own native mice and rats.

        • I've not done any searching for cockroaches in Australia as I don't plan on setting one of these up. Surely we can buy roaches for feeding to lizard etc here.

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