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Look what I got in my inbox!

Dear Susan,
You made an enquiry with us quite a while ago now. Sorry for taking so long to get this ready for you. We now have 8 of the Chestnut - Winchester available. Stocks are limited so be quick.
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I hope your Fruit Trees are going well.
Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Have to now find a spot for it. There are 4 left if anyone is interested.    

According to gardening Australia, "BEST POSITION: Although normally a cold-climate tree, chestnuts can be grown in the subtropics if planted in well-drained soil. Prefers a sunny position and cannot grow in the shade."

And Daley's description of the Winchester -"A large low chill selection suitable for the sub tropics, sets well on its own but will benefit from cross pollination."

Well, I can't wait to see I it is successful here.  Does anyone already grow a chestnut?  Or like me, did you put it in the "not in my climate" box for too long?

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When I saw the size of a mature Chestnut tree, I figured my suburban block was not big enough. 'Under the spreading Chestnut tree ...' and boy, do they spread!

Keeping it pruned Elaine ;) I’ve researched and seen a lot of 15yr old trees that have been kept quite small.

Cool! Do they crop enough to make the effort worthwhile?

I went with the Saba nut instead. Be keen to see how you go Susan. 

My Saba Nut has one more season to prove to me it can produce fruit instead of 1 flower every two years. I'm hanging in with it since I've read first-hand experience on this site that they can be pruned and are as tough as old boots. Yet to taste the nuts!

Both the traditional Chestnut and the similar but unrelated native Bunya Nut grow on big trees. Big trees! The Bunya as a Pine tree would not respond well to pruning where the Chestnut does respond well. If you want to eat Chestnuts rather than Bunya nuts there really is no other viable option.

Never tried Chestnut tree, Susan, but son grows pecans successfully at Caboolture and has feasted on his harvest. Only nuts I grow are dwarf Maca (no nuts yet), and 2 Saba nut trees no fruit yet.  The only nuts I have success with, are from a vine. 

Keep it small, if you have some space. 

Weirdly Pecans do well around Brisbane although it seems too warm. There are some massive trees at East Brisbane which produce kilos of nuts each year.

Like some other 'cold weather' crops such as Asparagus, we are constantly surprised by what will do well here that 'shouldn't' do well.

I purchased a self-pollinating hybrid chestnut from jack chang recently. He said it fruits well in our climate. Can't remember which the cross was between (maybe Japanese and American or Europeon). Anywho it's producing suckers so I may have some to share come spring time.
Japanese x Spanish sorry

Hi Jason, do you have any photo's of it to show size and how old is it?


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