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I just lost two...

Water and food was full. Adequate shade. Even set up a kids pool this morning. What's that saying about leading horses to water?

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Sad :( I set ours up this morning too, but just checked them and they'd knocked over all their buckets and were panting like crazy... hopefully they make it. I've just order a set of "chicken nipples" to fix that problem in future.

I found with the dogs, who used to use their front feet in a basin to slosh water on their undersides … that having a heavy enough water container was the answer. Or having one nailed/screwed/cleated so it could not be moved by the dogs made sure they always had water. Dogs can use a 'lixit' but somehow the fun of splashing is taken from them and replaced by efficiency.

Did you end up getting your chicken nipples? I've built that system that Valerie posted and going to buy some. Did they take long to ship from Tassie?

I'm doing the dog treats in ice over here.  I hear it works with chooks as well (except, maybe use chook treats instead!)

a good reminder, am checking neighbours chooks for a couple of days, was sad to find a baby dead yesterday, no marks or clue to why can only conclude it was heat stress, despite them having a 'chicken nipple' a great idea, they cant scratch dirt etc into them.

Apparently chickens can't deal with temperature over 40 degrees. Once they hit a certain temperature they can't cool down. It's sad to loose them, but I'm fairly certain I saved the other 3 by dunking them in a kids pool and force feeding them water. I wonder how nina went?

Sorry to hear about your chooks. My lot were certainly hot but have survived. I have several large containers in the run and so far they have not knocked them over. I also got the hose out and sprayed both chooks and pen. I have heard that some folk get extension leads out and get fans oscillating ... Also offered them cold fruit and cucumber.

I do like the idea of solar powered fans...also considered mini whirly bird in the chicken coop.

Well i have to admit i didn't stress much yesterday about my chooks due to faith in my set up. check my pics out of my pen it has plenty of ventilation and the run is huge with plenty of citrus and fejoa trees for shade which keeps the soil cool.and i use old newspaper dry shopped up palm leaves and mulch in the run to which large sussex hens were fine so there living proof that my set up is the way to go.

Your backyard looks like a rainforest and given you have had a paralysis tick - it probably is a rainforest! Even though I had some shade your micro climate would have been cooler because of the amount of trees and shade you have.

True Craig its a rainforest but it use to be way thicker than in the photos but i had to selectively clear so i could grow some real food than just bushtucker stuff. and yes i was lucky to have a few trees compared to suburbia and the city which are very hot places with all those buildings and bitumen roads ect.

A few trees??  Jeez mate.. you wait until you see my damn suburban desert.  I envy your yard.

I'm gunna say, in my worst possible hommie accent, "Yo fool.  You livin' in paradise!"  LOL.


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