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There's a lot of info about Chaya on YouTube  (LINK) --if you are keen on the research.

I'm still waiting for my cutting -- so I amuse myself with possibilities.

Of the YouTube fair -- I thought this one was very useful as it explores Chaya primarily as  tree -- even as a bee and butterfly attracting shade tree.

Grown from cuttings. How easy is that!

Chaya out-performs most other green leafy vegetables nutritionally.

I see Chaya as a companion kitchen green to Katuk and Okinawan Spinach.


The leaves are prepared much like spinach. Chaya must be cooked, however, because of the presence of cyanogenic glucosides. A recent study in Guatemala (Molin a Cruz, et al. 1999) of different ways of cooking chaya* found that boiling in water for 10-15 minutes removes toxins to below harmful levels. Boiling with salt added to the water resulted in less loss of Vitamin C from the leaves. The stock or liquid the leaves are cooked in can also safely be consumed as HCN (Hydrogen cyanide), the principal toxin leached from the plant, is volatilized during cooking. The Guatemalans also found that the HCN toxins were removed by pressure and steam cooking, as well as frying (no less than 5 minutes) and microwaving for 10 minutes at 550 watts in a small amount of water.This last method resulted in the least loss of Vitamin C compared with all other methods. (LINK)

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Dave Have you tried Aibika as a green food.  There are 3 different leaf types, large round (almost dinner plate size), then there is a split round leaf and a fingered leaf.  I have Large leaf and finger leaf.  The finger leaf is nice in stirfry.  The people from New Guinea eat this food in their country. As far as nutrition goes, it's up there. HERE

No. I haven't tried or grown it.

But I must.

Local folk from Tongan should have it.

I will try to grow some cuttings, Dave.  If you have trouble obtaining them just let me know. 

Thanks. That would be great!

Got one. $3 from my Pacifika supplier at the Cab Markets.

Well done Dave, do you know which type leaf it is?

No. Not many leaves to judge with.


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