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Inspired by a recent Gardening Australia episode, I am on the hunt for a Caper Bush. I have ordered some seeds online, but would also like to locate the plant as the germination process is lengthy. Does anyone know where I could get hold of a Caper Bush to plant in my garden? If anyone has a bush, I would be happy to pay for a cutting.

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One of the most scrumptious edibles, ever! However … you are wanting to grow a plant which is well out of its climate zone. This will be a tough ask. Capers - and there are Australian native capers too which host the Caper White butterfly - come from the Mediterranean. I believe they like dry cliff-faces in the wild although how they are cultivated commercially I don't know. This means the plant is adapted to hot dry summers and cold wet winters. The plants are available at great cost when last I heard about them but more likely online as local nurseries would be unlikely to stock them.

Yes, I saw that episode with Josh's driveway.  That's the trouble with Gardening Australia - you have to keep reminding yourself that the climate in each state is so different and while we can use the design ideas we often have to use different plants.

He has a fabulous sandpit in that garden.

Thanks for the feedback and the reality check, folks. Perhaps my capers will continue to come in little glass bottles. I will still try to beat the odds and germinate my seeds, and will let you know how I go.

I gather that people pickle nasturtium seeds and use them as capers. Haven't tried it.

"They don't taste like capers - they taste like pickled nasturtium seeds, but they are surprisingly good and are a fantastic substitute."

Hang on!

Capers are grown in Kingaroy (see also here and here) and I used to get fresh capers from a guy selling them in the Queens Street Mall Friday markets. He was from Maleny.

A delicious fry up they were.

So they are -- and can be -- grown locally. Judging from those I was tasting they were very good...stem and all, not just the seeds.They present like small okra.

But since I love capers I found a nasturtium 'caper' recipe as I'ver got many nasturtiums underfoot....worth a pickle up.

I had a spinach/silver beet/Warrigal Greens Greek style rice dish for tea and threw in a hand full of gotta love em.

Hmmm, inland would be hot dry summers as against our hot wet summers on the coast.  It's pretty dry and too hot for much else under our eaves against north and west-facing walls. I wonder if one would grow there either in the ground or in a pot. 

That sounds feasible.

Wow! Kingaroy and even Maleny are less humid than we are here, it's the humidity which does for Mediterranean plants. Micro-climate is all.

Fresh Caper berries - sounds amazing, neither seen or heard of them before (BLF to the rescue ;-))

The imitation Caper-cum-Nasturtiums taste like Nasturtiums much as I love the plants and the flowers, the flavour is a bit overwhelming.

Well, second thoughts here. Could find a niche, well worth a whirl in the right spot. Now to find a plant … or some seedlings Anne (hint, hint).

I have paid quantities of $ and bought plants...which died. I have bought seed....which never germinated.

Not to say if you go to the right lengths providing the right environment that it won't work, but my own focus is now on a couple of other tricky to grow plants. I find I can't try growing them all :)

Thinking again about growing vs buying the product. Since I'm alone in loving Capers, perhaps my buying some is all I need to do. I prefer the Caperberries now that I've found them. Scrumptious beyond scrump ;-) The Kingaroy growers only have Capers (I expect they mean the unopened flower buds) not the Caperberries at the moment. New crop not yet ready. They are un-certified organic, there's nothing to lose by buying the berries for eating.

A certain party we both know reckons to only grow what I know I can grow. Humph. Unless I experiment, how do I know what grows for me here and what doesn't? 20-20 hindsight.

Woo hoo - here is info from the Kingaroy Caper Growers' newsletter:

  'Welcome to Spring, and the 2014/2015 Caper picking Season.  It seems like a blink in time since this time last year.  But, so much has happened. 

  'We are holding farm open days, on the October long week end.  Our information sheet with details is attached. 

  'It will be BYO.  However, there will have cans of soft drink for sale on the days, and tea & coffee come with lunch, morning and afternoon tea.  A roundup of local produce will be prepared into simple picnic food for lunch, with plain or pumpkin scones for smokos!

  'A number of wineries in the area are open for the weekend, or, you are welcome to visit TASTE SOUTH BURNETT, in Kingaroy to stock up on your way here.  You could drop in on your way to or from the Bunya Mountains. 

  'There will be many events on around the South Burnett on that weekend, as part of South Burnett & Cherbourg on Show.  Our farm is just over 3 hrs from Brisbane CBD.  South Burnett is definitely worth a visit. Events Calendar is at:

  'If you would like to visit, please let us know.  That way we can have plenty of food ready. 

 'If you want to know more information, please call 0402 245 780 or send an email to:

  'We look forward to seeing you for a great weekend.'

This site doesn't accept .pdfs so I have done 4 screen shots of the brochure for the weekend. I'll upload them to the Events section.

Hi Elaine if you can hold off for a little while you should be able to get one at the BOGI FAIR in a couple of weeks at Windsor.Their is a guy that comes every year with quite a good variety .This fair I would seriously reccommend for any keen produce gardeners like us . I will be talking on my drum gardens easy to make composters and how to plumb up a very easy watering system  not to forget my worm and compost towers.cheers


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