Can I save my Rosella Jam attempt?

Ten days ago I tried to make Rosella Jam and Cordial, but ran out time before I could finish the job. 

For the Rosella Cordial (boiled whole flowers until colour leached out, then strain measure and add equal amount of sugar).  The last step before bottling was to add Citric Acid and I didn't have any of course and the shop was closed - it was a public holiday.  I think the purpose of this step is to allow it to be kept for longer before it goes mouldy.  The cordial has been kept in a glass bottle in the fridge.  Can I reboil it and add the citric acid now and is there any benefit of this ingredient?

The jam didn't set and I didn't have any jamsetta - ditto with the shop being closed.  I tried adding a bit of lemon rind but it still didn't set.  The whole pot is sitting in the fridge, can I reboil it and add jamsetta then put it in jars?  If the answer is yes, the next question for this one is how long do I have to do this... can I wait until Saturday?

Lesson learned from this is to make sure you have time to finish before starting a project!  I was halfway through doing a completely different gardening job and with the seceatears in hand decided to harvest the rosellas's.  Obviously once harvested they had to be processed and I was completely unprepared for that with no ingredients, jars, or even time!

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  • Donna, why not use your jam mix as a sauce for topping icecream, or to go with meatballs etc?
    • yes, and to add a touch to gravies and sauces and casseroles etc I'm a bit of a fiend with cranberry sauce in the same way. it would be divine on cake with custard too
      • Stop! Too drool-worthy! I use el cheepo SPC spicy plum sauce on Indian-style food. Rosella sauce would be superb.
  • Um.. with all this talk on Rosella.. makes me wonder.. how does Rosella taste like?
    • Nearest in flavour is plum.
      • delicious! have you ever had Red Zinger tea? that's flavoured with Rosella. You can often find rosella jam on cake stalls and at fetes (but get in quick! :)
  • : ( Tried a few times to get seeds to germinate and none would. How long do they last/fruit for as perennials?? Might set them up somewhere permanent. If they grow from cuttings I wouldn't mind snavelling some when the weather is better for them. Good luck with the jam and cordial making. Never attempted jam but if I can get some rosella going will give it a shot.
    • Vanessa, I germinated about a dozen in toilet rolls and transplanted them into the ground when they were about 8" tall. I planted 5 and gave the rest away, and so far have harvested about 5 kgs, they are going gangbusters at the moment, so should have another 2 kgs this week! I'll give you a few plants next spring...
      • Thanks Addy, that would be wonderful. I have no success growing seeds inside - I tried with the rosellas. One came up and then proceded to die, the rest didn't germinate. Now I just sow all my seeds directly. I figure nature intended it that way, at least in my case. Did you do anything to the seeds before planting - soaking or scarifying?
        • No, just put them the home-made seed raising mixture - perlite (or vermiculite) and coir (the ones that comes in a block and soaked). Must be kept moist.
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