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After spending some time in Manila i came across some of these small limes called Calamansi the locals said they are easy to grow but Daleys calls them Calamondin and says that they go orange and are similar to cumquat ? anyone out there know where i can get the real thing ? or are the same thing (they are used in drinks and squeezed over food yum )


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They sound delightful. I seem to be collecting limes. When u find them let me know! I will ask at my local specialist nursery also.

The only Calamondin that I met while working in nurseries is a kind   of Cumquat. I recall that the Calamondin was a round fruit with a variegated leaf and not considered the equal of Cumquat for flavour. If you want a Lime then Calamondin will not do the job - if the Lime flavour you are after is anything like Tahitian Lime.

I have encountered this before!  Greenish yellow on the inside like lime, but definitely cumquat flavoured, about the size of a small mandarin, resembling an orange on the outside though..  They make great cocktail juices, but aside from making marmalade, they are a tough market. 

They are SOUR!!  But they match with chicken, and probably flatter tequila. ;-)

They aren't very trendy now, but if you'e a gung ho collector I could probably get you a cutting.

seems like a different one you're talking about jodie.. they're small about the size of a 10cent maybe 20cent coin, not as big as a small mandarin....

The locals in the NT have a thing they call a Darwin Lime. I think its the same thing that you're talking about.

It is acid flavoured a bit like a tahitian lime and not at all like a calamondin which is more like a cumquat.

Thanks everybody ! i will keep investigating , maybe the folks at daleys might point me in the right direction or i could get one of my Manila friends to mail me some seeds (just joking ) will keep an eye out for darwin lime 

i bought a bagful of them from Caboolture markets and they're sold by the Filipinos... Also seen them at Inala before.. love these fruit.. sour yet fragrant and we use them on a lot of our food back home in Singapore... They don't seem to freeze well though, mine were devoid of any juice after defrosting them...

cool thanks Matt will go hunting in inala !

Hi Marcus,

They are seasonal and I think are out of season at the moment? When I say Inala, it's at the Vietnamese community, I tink it's called Inala civic centre. I saw them at the grocery shop beside the fishmonger, but possibly any of the vegetable shops might sell them? I'm not too sure mate... :)

great will check it out in the new year !

Your other option is a West Indian lime which is a small-fruited lime that is quite hardy. The main lime of commerce in Australia is the Tahitian.

The West Indian is generally a very thorny bush and the limes have lots of seeds, but there is a cultivar called Sublime that is non thorny and has relatively few seeds. However Sublime seems to be a rather shy fruiter.


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