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My sister visited the private butterfly farm on Bribie recently and has come away with some Monarch chrysalises.

Here they are hatched out and released on milkweed.

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Lovely photos! Plural is chrysalises ;-)

Seems the pupae of different insects get different names and chrysalis is right for Butterflies. From the dictionary: "The pupae of different groups of insects have different names such as chrysalis for the pupae of butterflies and tumbler for those of the mosquito family. Pupae may further be enclosed in other structures such as cocoonsnests or shells."

Thanks Elaine - I've corrected the word. Hunted for it this morning without success.

They are lovely aren't they. Not often you see such perfect newly hatched butterflys. As kids we used to see them a lot.

Butterflies do get banged up over time, don't they. They wind up looking quite ratty.

And thank you, Elaine, I shall add tumbler to my vocabulary. I've always called them commas, because somewhere I read mosquitoes described as having "comma-shaped pupae". Is wrigglers the official term for the larvae?

I've no idea Rob - looking up that reference was the first time I'd found that larvae of different insects have specific names.

Was this Ray's place, Lissa? (Bribie Butterfly Volunteers?)

Pretty sure his name was Ray, Lainie. I had it written down...somewhere :/ but can't find it. You've been to visit?

No, Lissa (at least, not yet!)...but I HAVE seen pics on his Facebook page, and think there should be MORE PLACES LIKE RAY's (MORE BUTTERFLIES!) ;) He seems to be doing a great job, lots of publicity through good ol' word of mouth!

:) Lainie.

Here's their FB page if anyone is interested.


Hello Lissa, I'm a newish member but I have been stalking you all for some time ;). Great discussions. What a lovely idea to bring the chrysalis home and such great photos. I was down at the CREEC centre at Burpengary last week and I notice an "environmentally significant" plant sign on a vine. The nice staff down there told me it was a Birdwing butterfly vine and that they are trying to get them re-established in SE Qld. (The vines, to support the return of the butterflies). I bought 3 to plant around our yard, and others might consider doing the same if they have a tree canopy.

I thought I could feel someone breathing down my neck ;)

It is a great idea for the kids to see the process of chrysalis to butterfly. We used to do it as kids, but then the butterflys were way more abundant than they are now.

I grow plants to support the bees. I'll have to start planting some to support the butterflys.

Yes I'm creepy :). And I have found a lot of excellent information on this site. So thanks again for sharing. I didn't know about the Birdwing butterfly Vine so thought it worth sharing. There's a website with all sorts of information for those that are interested.


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