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We decided to go for a drive today. In fact we ventured over the border and visited an excellent rainforest nursery at Burringbar NSW. We don't travel that far for plants normally but this place had plants that I could not buy elsewhere.

The people that ran the place were most helpful and ran around looking for the plants I had asked for. Prices were very reasonable. The nursery covered a few acres and they had so many plants but I was after edible bushtucker plants.

For any one keeping a native rainforest theme, this is the place to go. Unfortunately an online order must be a bulk order. Different if you visit the place.  

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wow what did t=you get  sounds interesting - we usually just go to CREC or Kumbartcho 

The reason for going their was for the smooth Davidsons plum.  I purchased 3 of them so I have a nice collection of plums now.  They are a pretty tree and can grow in a pot for a few years.  They had other rare plants, the bignay appealed to me and a few ground covers and myrtles. We had been there before.

so is that the  Davidsonia jerseyana ,the southern form, or  the northern Davidsonia pruriens. or a different one again . 

That is the third type, Davidsonia johnsonii, which is endangered now and cannot grow from seed, maybe why it is endangered.     It is the smooth one, and does grow into a tree but I intend to keep it short as possible.  It has prized fruit but you must enjoy sour type plums.   I have compensated by growing the miracle berry  which will make them taste sweet and hope to enjoy eating them or have them stewed with sugar. They are full of anthocyanins and more so are a healthy food. 

will have to ask Col which ones we have and which ones we planted on his family farm at Garadunga ( 10km north of Innisfail !) have only had them as drink and jam never actually eaten a whole one !!!  - Argh apparently its the Southern one we dont have the Davidsonis jerseyana ... have two of each of the others ! 

We know that place it has the very old pub. Your relies would most likely have D. pruriens. 

This D. Johnsonii is from north NSW and border area, not sure about any northern discoveries.    D.Jerseyana is also from NSW area.. The smooth one is much rarer hence the trip. 

There are a few other plum trees that grow up north Queensland.

Managed to get a smooth leafed one from the natives section at the local bun****s warehouse about 6 months ago. It's growing faster that my rough leaf one (which at 3yo flowered the first time this year)

That's great Jason, you are lucky to get one from bunnies.  Sometimes they have good bush tucker trees mixed with their native trees.  We picked up a healthy burdekin plum tree there a couple of months ago, it is heading up to the sky, time to get the clippers to it.

Last week they were selling banana plants - Pisang ceylan for less money than other places  so we got a couple to try.

That smooth leaf plum does not grow from seed so it is harder to get.

Got Col a smooth leaf Plum from Bunnings for Christmas and he bought me a Nashi not native so will see how that goes - will have to keep an eye out for the bananas !!! 


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