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The Paten Park Native Nursery has a handy search tool if you're looking for Bush Tucker Plants and Edible Fruit Plants.

These options are under special features on the website's Plant Search tool.

The Special Features drop down box, supplies general location searching, such as Seaside Plantings, Enoggera catchment area, Ipswich area .... and many more.

Only one special feature can be searched at a time, however any special features are listed at the base of each plant description.

If you wish to plant into your local unmodified soil type, you can use special features to search on a few soil type options.

You can also use the Type drop down box to narrow down plant type (trees, vines, etc)

The Name drop down box allows a direct search for a specific plant.

This Nursery is not specifically a native foods plant nursery, however I find this Not for profit Community Nursery to be very accommodating for the subject of Bush Tucker/Bush Foods plants.

The Nursery's address is, 57 Paten Rd. The Gap.

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Thanks Christa, I've never cut mine back. Great site!

Does anyone have any Bush Tucker Plants that I can have some cuttings of to get me started as I am seriously going to start to grow Bush Tucker Plants as I usually buy the ingredients from various places for my Aussie Cooking but I now want to grow my own.

If you do, would you mind bringing them along to one of the GV for me. I don't usually like to ask but I am making an exception this time. Thanks Everyone.

Hi Dianne, I just had a long break between yard mowings, which allowed some wombat berry vines to show themselves, I was dodging a few on the ride-on and I'll see if I can dig up one or two.

I also have a Davidson plum seedling around and I can get a cutting off the midgim berry bush.

Thanks Rob, That would be wonderful, I think it is about time I start growing and using more of our Native Foods, I am looking forward to learning more about what out there.

The only bush tucker I grow is Midyim and they have been a dismal failure to produce anything edible. Did you end up with some Aibika cuttings at any visits? Not exactly Australian bush tucker - more likely PNG bush tucker.

Do you think there is a secret to growing the Midyim? Yes I did manage to get an Aibika from Mudbrick, it has the common name, Queensland Greens, it is a lime green colour. I did get a cutting from yours but unfortunately they were in a garden that dried out when I was not feeling well and I lost it.  

One Midyim plant I grew in sandy soil did produce some fruit. I wasn't into tucker in those days but recall the small sweet fruit; ate them as a kid too in the bush. But few as I recall. The Midyims Lissa bought for us produced nothing at all after 3 years and they've gone the compost-route.

Suspect no one is selecting a lot of these food plants for performance consequently they are not producing as well as they could be.

Easily replaced next time I see you Dianne. I see you are going to Valerie's GV - I'll bring some on the day.

Thanks Lissa, that would be great.

Dianne, did you manage to get some edible native fruits plants?  One thing that I was going to try was the Exocarpos cupressiformis which is the native cherry and it grows on the roots of a long lived wattle. The native cherry had many uses in  aboriginal culture.  You may be able to use the wattle seeds in cooking.

My quandary is if they would grow in a wicking tub, the drainage would have to be excellent.  Trying to figure out the plants that would grow quickly and would suit your cooking skills, may be the answer.  What edible plants do you have at this stage.

There is another site which shows an "aboriginal plant use trail", as part of the Australian National Botanic Gardens and this is the link

It shows the plants that were used for different reasons and is quite informative.   The drawings are black and white and it shows the areas that they grow.  More for information than a place to purchase plants.  Paten Park is very good and inexpensive.


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