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I access as much of the web by using feeds. Feeds are subscriber updates that can register in a feed reader/news aggregator.

What that means is that I can get updates of any activity on this site without actually visiting it because I get notified when anyone posts a comment, a blog post, video or photo.

I subscribe to hundreds of feeds and BLF is but one of them.I subscribe to YouTube video channels, facebook pages, blogs, ABC radio shows, news services, podcasts, vlogs..anything I want to follow that offers a feed.

Well, the feed for BLF is:

and the feed for the forum area is:

If you open this address it won't help you much but if you paste it into a feed aggregator it is a very different experience.

The feed reader/aggregator I use is FEEDBRO

And it's pretty good. But there are plenty of other aggregators to choose from and your web browser should offer a few as an add-on or app. Same with your phone.

Most aggregators will find the feed for a site for you -- but if you have to go looking this is the icon to look for: at right.

It really is the best way to keep abreast of your online interests.

While I'm at it -- you should note the search engine on the home  page here which is pretty reliable for searching the site. Home Page : Left column.

4.  Search BLF directly via Google (thanks Dave!)

I use that all the time to find stuff.

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Although this "apparently" got little attention, it's a very valuable discussion.  

Having said that, I am the bloke who killed all the notifications for anything web-based on my mobile phone.  I've worked out that I have spread myself way far too thin.  

Another great advantage with using feeds is that they are aggregated as opml.

What that means is that you get a file of all your feeds which you can  easily export and download then store offline.Or you can share your opml file with someone else. All you need do is import that file into your feed reader/aggregator by uploading it.

It is very simple.

FYI: feeds were developed to facilitate podcasting and a 'podcatcher' (such as you'd find on your phone as an app)  is a feed reader. Now all blogs create feeds and many news sites -- even some other feeds for tags or labels as well. Such as 'local news', 'national news', international news', etc.  iTunes is/was a feed reader  that was also a podcatcher as is media apps like VLC, etc.

I don't expect other folk to be as feed dependent as I am -- but using a feed reader to access this site and, say, your YouTube favs or some pages or groups  on facebook would be a good idea. Much more convenient than relying on being sent email updates...or having to visit these sites every day.

I only raise this point here because folk may not be aware that this site on NING also generates feeds.

This would be great for anyone with sound computer knowledge, but for me I was thinking Food for Chooks etc. when I first saw the Heading. I stumble around the computer but usually find what I am looking for. Thanks Dave for the Info I will certainly see what I can get out of it.


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