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Just got my first fruit off my blueberry plant, so I thought it's a good time to ask for ID since there's leaves, flowers, buds, and fruit on at the same time.  Just would like to get it ID if possible, so it's easier when I want to add to my collection ^^ It's better to have the variety name when sharing out cuttings/suckers too...

The plant loose almost all its leaves in winter, and it started with a few early flowers, which are now filling out with the first one harvested today.  Only just getting a big flush of flowers now.

It's in a pot, and it suckers within the pot.... 

Checking back on the catalogue of the nursery I bought my plant from, they had Biloxi, Misty, and Gulf Coast... Does anyone have one of these that looks like mine?

I have a sharpe blue (not in these photos), which seems to have slightly lighter green, and rounder leaves, and whiter flowers.  The leaves on these photos appears a little bluer than the real thing.

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Some people just have green thumbs. They dump some claggy soil in a pot, poke a stick in there and end up with a mango tree. I think it might be partly because they don't over-water and generally fuss as I do. 

Maybe clay soil is good for cuttings due to their water retention ability?  Something to test on maybe?

If I do cuttings into pots it's always with some quality potting mix (Searles is my favourite), keep them in a shady but well lit spot and keep them moist.

I suspect it's the actual cutting taken itself that is more of the "secret". I like medium wood (not soft, not hard) with as many nodes as possible making sure two or three nodes get buried under the soil.

Remove excess leaves. Leave the tiny little ones cut big ones off or in two.

Interesting - cutting Mango! It would be good to know how that was done. I suspect that propagation techniques have moved on since I last read about that, maybe 20 years ago.

Marcot, that's the word I was looking for. Thank you Florence! Btw, Murcott is a variety of Mandarin, tasty but very seedy.

Also, there’s multiple reasons grafting is used in commercial production, including least amount of plant material required from the mother tree (in cases of budding, only one bud is required, but need a whole branch for air-layer), shortest time to market.  Cuttings are generally more expensive for commercial nursery where bottom heat, and regular misting is required for higher strike rate.  Grafting also provide disease resistance, dwarfing characteristics, and tap root for good anchorage in the ground.  For growing in pot, I believe the fibrous roots from cuttings are better, so as a home grower with a potted orchard, I’m practicing propagation by cuttings and air-layer :)

Rob, I usually give my cuttings a position in semi shade, at least until they show signs of living past a month or so. Most people who do demos of grafting say to keep the atmosphere humid by using a plastic bag, etc. I think the same will apply to generating cuttings. I think that my little greenhouse setup will replicate this but this is only of my bird brained theories. So I'll let you know if I get more success this way. Most of my with cuttings are with things that are almost unkillable like Figs and Pomegranates.

Blog on Brymac Blueberry farm with some hints on growing HERE if anyone interested.

I will check to see if they are having any more open days.

Thanks Lissa ~ A good reminder ~

Did you end up planting your blueberry plants in self-watering pots, or terracotta pots?

They went into the surplus terracotta pots I had left had the time. Glazed. Two of these are broad with good root space but two are tall and narrow topped - the latter not so good - not good for a surface rooted plant.The suggestion on the day I visited Brymac was to use "the biggest pots you have".

I have been meaning to get hold of some better pots for the four plants but due to lack of income over the year it just didn't happen. Will add it to my to-do list now I have a regular job again. Or perhaps I will just get some plastic tubs a-la-Elaine, put a hole in the side, and make some wicking pots. They work well for Elaine. That would be cheaper and easier now I think about it.

I got a couple of wide top self-watering pots from Reject shop a couple of months ago for $16 each.  See the two pots on the right in the "after" side... It's bigger than it looks from here coz it's on the far end of the perspective.  Maybe an option?

I hope your job situation have improved.

Thanks Florence, I'm working casual but they are giving me FT hours.

I don't have the time (now I have a job!) to go looking for bargains like that but think the tub option is a good one. I've seen Elaine's - she makes a hole in the side with a heated apple corer - and think that would work well. Need to buy the tubs and some more acid potting mix before it's achievable.


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