Bill introduced in the USA to create an Office of Urban Agriculture within the Department of Agriculture!


Creating the Office of Urban Agriculture responsible for coordinating USDA activities across the $120 billion annual budget to ensure that these authorities are unleashed for communities that do not traditionally participate in USDA programs

H.R. 4971 - March 25, 2010
To increase the emphasis on urban agricultural issues in the Department of Agriculture through the establishment of a new office to ensure that Department authorities are used to effectively encourage local agricultural production and increase the availability of fresh food in urban areas, particularly underserved communities experiencing hunger, poor nutrition, obesity, and food insecurity, and for other purposes.

If only our govermental facilitators had enough brains to get initiatives like this up and running, we would be sooooo much better off!


if yopu want to check this out or many other interesting articals go to this website copy and past the address................................................

City Farmer

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