After a lot of progress today (bought and potted a lot of seedlings - strawberries, chives, baby broccoli, thyme, purple carrots) I bought 1.5kg of skinless chicken thighs from the supermarket deli and cooked them for the first time on a wire rack over coals...


I cooked them on a combination of charcoal and glowing coals from old peach tree branches, combined with a little bit of hickory shavings for smoke. The coals were contained in a small, old metal smoker box. I marinated the thighs in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and oregano for about 4 hours beforehand, and wrapped up a little aluminium foil parcel of red onion, carrot, butter, garlic and rosemary for dropping into the coals.


Yum :-) Best meat I've ever eaten! Now imagine if it was home-reared, free range, old breed chicken...


No more gas BBQs for me!


Photo is of the glowing coals in the old smoker and the chicken pushed to one side.



2011-07-24 18.06.30.jpg

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  • That is the only way we ever BBQ at my place.. we did it over a brazier and it is the best thing.. Kevin refuse to ever buy one of those Gas BBQ :) 


    Have you try chicken wing on those, Hong Kong style.. to die for :)


    Might get Kevin to butterfly some Quails and give it a go.. 

    • I wish I never bought my gas BBQ - now I have seed trays on it out in the sun!


      Never tried Hong Kong style chicken wings... how are they made?


      Quail also sounds awesome - let me know how that goes!

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