Barramundi and macadamia crust - easy!

This is my 'signature' dish, made it up one day when I decided at work that was what I felt like - very easy and superb if I do say so myself...


1 medium peice of barra for each person

1/4 cup of macadamia's per person

either fresh dill or the fresh tubes of dill from the supermaket

oilve oil - 1 tea per person


Turn on grill


Place barra bottom side (skin side) up on some tinfoil and put under grill for just a couple of minutes - do not cook totally, it will go back under the heat - remove tray from heat and turn fish peices over - leave on bench.


Get a blender/food processor, put in nuts and add olive oil - turn on and blitz (or crush them finely and mix together in bowl) - add dill to your liking and keep blending so taste test as you go (but its very yummy so dont eat it all yet) - you will end up with a lumpy mixture.


Slap a decent amount of mixture onto the top side of the fish and flatten into a covering all over the fish - put back under grill until the nuts start to brown.  If you find that the fish is very thick and the nut crust has cooked but the fish hasnt, just pop it into a pan (macadamia side up) until its cooked through from the bottom (but I have never really needed to do this).


Eat and enjoy.


serving suggestion - cous cous with roasted vegetables or green garden salad on hot summer day.


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  • That sounds YUMBO!!   I love the idea of mixing dill with the macadamia's.
    • It is, funnily enough, the simplest things are often the best - works really well with Salmon or Trout too. I love it, cant wait to make it when Im back home (you cant get barra in the UK and Maca's cost a small fortune)
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