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The BAMBOOHILL MULCH story, so far ………….

BambooHill was created in 2012 to develop the technology and equipment to harvest and process high grade bamboo mulch products.

We are the first fully mechanised bamboo processing facility in Australia, producing consistent fine, fibrous bamboo mulch. Our BAMBOO MULCH can be dry blown, sprayed through a Hydromulch system, or simply hand applied to your home garden.

Our initial focus has been directed towards providing a High Grade bamboo mulch product for the Home Garden; Commercial Landscaping and Industrial Hydromulch markets.

The product is available in 60litre – 15kgs. – “easy to handle” packs or in large – 1 > 1.5 cubic metre bulky bags approximately 330 > 450kgs.

The bamboo is harvested and processed green which encapsulates the natural “goodies” within the bamboo as a nutrient rich protective mulch for your Garden.

Bamboo mulch is hydrophylic – it retains and absorbs moisture – whilst allowing water to penetrate through to your soil and plant’s root systems.

Unlike the majority of other mulches and wood-chip products which repel water and also float away during heavy rain, BAMBOOHILL BAMBOO MULCH will remain exactly where you place it in your garden. Even on relatively steep slopes such as banks and hillside gardens, the fibre matrix of BAMBOOHILL MULCH will maintain its adherence around your landscaped areas.

Being high in available SILICA, your soils and plants will benefit.


BAMBOOHILL MULCH is ALIVE – we harvest and process green product




We harvest the bamboo above ground, there is no soil or weeds caught up in the process. From the felling of the whole clump of bamboo until it is packaged into convenient size packs, the whole process is fully mechanised.

The final design, development and manufacturing of this equipment is the outcome of two years of the trial and experimentation phase of the business at Bamboohill.



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  • After looking at some Bamboo plants at Daleys, I was thinking about buying plants for mulch production, but found this info from last year and I feel I may change from sugar cane mulch to bamboo mulch for a couple of years.  The sugarcane mulch is a bit water repellent. Just have to find the closest place to buy it.

  • It's about $17 a bale. There is a video on FB.....somewhere :/ So hard to find stuff on FB.

    Go to the website to pose a query if interested.

  • Interesting! No mention of price ('if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it'!). I hope that we can find out more about this produce and give it a whirl. Sugarcane is OK but dusty and can be water repellent. Sugarcane has the benefit, for us, of being produced and processed locally in the Logan.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Bamboohill Mulch is on Facebook and our website is easily accessible so please jump on and check out what we are all about.  Due to the dynamics of processing and bagging our product, we are currently retailing in 16kg bags for $17.50 which is a little bit more expensive than sugar cane mulch but the benefits far outweigh the cost.  Tests have indicated that our product will last on your garden for up to 2 years before reapplying.  Bamboo mulch forms a unique matrix on your garden which allows water to permeate through it into the soil below - it doesn't watershed like your sugar cane mulch.  There are no weeds, chemicals or soil in bamboo mulch and it remains the same golden colour - it won't fade and discolour.  You can buy our bamboo mulch from Capalaba Produce which is the closest outlet to you but if you would like a significant amount eg 1 cubic metre, we are happy to deliver it to you.  Thanks for your comment.  We look forward to getting this mulch fully into the market and being able to advise all gardeners of the benefits of using our sustainable bamboo mulch.

      • Thanks for coming on BLF and offering first hand advice about your product Helen. Always good when the suppliers become involved in the conversation :)

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