Morning all. I was doing some reading this morning on avos (Digger article) and to my horror read that there are two types of avo's, A and B, and A needs to be cross pollinated.


I have just put in a Dwarf Wurtz. Type A apparently. There's was nothing about this on the site where I bought the plant apart from an A beside the name (Daleys').


I've just emailed Daley's to ask what the?


What is others experiences with growing avo's - especially the Wurtz - without having a pollinating buddy. Looks like the B pollinators aren't dwarf either. And I don't have room for one anyway. If absolutely necessary to have a B I will need to track down a dwarf variety if such a thing exists and quickly plant it in the same hole as the A.



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  • I know this thread is old - but I just came across it!

    I have hives of native bees in my garden - and they love the Wurtz Avocado - because they make mulitple visits a day to the tree when flowering - I suspect that they are doing the pollination for me. Tree is now 10 years old - and while I have had a few fruit each year - this year is bumper - maybe with 60 - 70 fruit now set on the tree.

    Biggest Tip I have for anyone with any fruit tree - be careful not to fertilise just before and during flowering/ fruit setting - it will just produce leaves and drop flowers and fruit!

    Good Gardening!

    • Thanks Jeff. Just got to remember it when my tree is 10yrs old and finally fruiting ;) Hopefully my native bees will enjoy the flowers down the track. Haven't seen any on the plant so far.

  • I think it was the most recent Diggers catalogue that I read information about avocado that explained it a lot better than I have been able to find so far.

    From what I understand, the avocado does produce both male and female flowers on the same tree BUT they open at different times of the day... so off the top of my head (and I am likely wrong but have a 50/50 chance lol) the male flowers open first thing in the morning and the female flowers open at night. This is why you need a pollinator as they do the opposite.

    For people growing in temperate climates (ie not likely us) the tree gets confused and both male and female flowers open at the same time which means they can be self pollinating in certain situations.

    I murdered my flash Wurtz, but still have one avocado tree out the back which is going great guns... unfortunately I have no idea what it is. I bought it at the Beenleigh markets and he told me it was a 'Giant' avocado but haven't been able to actually verify much with my friend google.
    • The Reed is about the biggest of the varieties commonly grown here - they're big and smooth, Type A. I've got Reed and Sharwill (Type B), both young trees so not fruiting yet.
      • lol, Mick, I think your Sharwill's cutting would be very popular :) I've got a Wurtz too, and I'd love to get a type B branch please for grafting if my tree survives and matures ~ It would probably be in a few years time though :)
      • Hi Mick. Any chance of getting a cutting from your type B to try and graft on to my type A?
      • Mick, would love at some stage (after a grafting lesson lol) to grab a cutting of one or both of your trees and try to graft them onto my existing one. I am still thinking of getting another, but still very upset because I murdered the expensive wurtz :)
      • Reed's grow to be enormous both in height and spread. Their fruit, if well-grown (not forced) can be quite superb - creamy and luscious. It is not usually a commercial variety seen in shops (manufacturing, perhaps?) but now and then they are seen and are big and tasteless. The fruit does not keep very well which is probably why they are not grown much for the trade, watch for them at weekend markets - if well-grown in a backyard there is little to touch them for flavour.
    • Is the actual avocado fruit size 'giant' or the tree size? The largest avocados I've seen were at EKKA last year ... here's a photo I posted before..
      The labels says "Cho-quette", not available commercially..
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