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What and who do we believe?  This is a small extract from the newspaper - The Sydney Morning Herald reported 20/1/2016

Australian honeys are the most contaminated in the world with natural poisons linked to chronic disease including cancer, according to International Researchers..................The Australian Food Code bans the use of poisonous weeds such as Paterson's curse (also known as Salvation Jane) and Fireweed in human food. Their flowers are laced with chemicals called pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are considered the most common cause of poisoning in humans and livestock worldwide.

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After a bit of searching for pyrrolizidine alkaloids, is appears that certain plants, namely Borage, Crotalaria, Eupatorium, Ligularia and Senecio are some of the plants that hold quantities of this poison.   After looking at my garden plant list, I do not have any of those for my visiting bees.  Thankfully we don't eat them.   Some animals eat these plants as well, but I am sure farmers would know about this.

As if we don't have enough trouble with the man made chemical poisons around.

Looks a bit like scaremongery in the media. It is good to read the other side of the story.  My sister and brother in law are beekeepers with many hives in different locations, and they take great care with their honey, but it is hard to control the flight path of the bee.   I am not throwing my honey out just yet, and will nurture the native bees as much as I can.   Thanks Dave

It's like Bacon - yep, if that's all I eat, I'll probably get cancer.  I reckon I'd get damn sick of Bacon first though. 

You know, I just can't remember the last time I drank 500 liters of honey (that is, honey produced in Victoria... where the bees specifically visited Paterson's curse only and disregarded every other plant).  

So, I guess I'm just not that worried.  

Hubby drinks some nice American Honey liqueur, most nights, with soda water and he is still kicking.

Tell him that with a bit of research, I could help him make it for good Ozzie honey.  Trust me, I've already started the research. 

If you drunk 500 liters of Brisbane's tap water the fluoride would probably kill you.

Yep lets just import all our honey from overseas as the bees over there mustnt be touching  any of the mentioned plants, or they don't have any of them .Perhaps well trained  bees  or possibly  there are signs BEES keep Seriously our honey industry members  must be shaking their heads in disbelief and horror at just the stupidity of all this and I believe it would have been instigated by a major honey importer.Honey from china,turkey etc etc  I know where mine is coming from.LETS ALL BUY AUSTRALIAN

I agree, Darren, but I also feel that there is some truth regarding the weed - Patterson's curse, being a problem in Australia.  Have a read of -  and you will see that the bees are attracted to the plant due to it's early flowering.   The dpi appear to have tried to introduce some bugs to control it.  Similar to what they did with groundsel. Looks like things will be under control soon.  

I will be sticking to Aussie Honey, especially when I can get it fresh from the hive.

We will keep eating the raw honey from my fathers hive as I'm sure its far better for us then the highly heated store bought stuff. As an ex bee keeper myself I would rather go without honey then buy and eat overseas produced honey. 

This was based on Old research and yes it is from patersons curse. Our raw honey here has no problems.


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