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Green Dean
Green Dean 13 November 23:56
I'm seeking someone who is really into aquaponics as a contact for my friend seeking to interview someone for a radio interview and more info. Please contact me by pm if you can assist. Thanks.
Green Dean If you can help, please contact Eduardo R. Jordan Pérez directly. Thanks.

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  • I replied.  The person you were thinking of is Murray Hallam, Lissa. 

    • Murray started Aquaponics? He may have started up a business but I doubt if he started aquaponics. It was Andrew Babkoff trying to think of his name.

      I have added Eduardo's email address to the body of the message for anyone interested in responding.

  • Lissa I'm not part of the facebook group so can't post there

    I thought Gary Donaldson could be the one to go for

    • Yes, to respond you probably need to join the group. Pity they don't just give Eduardo's contact details direct.

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