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I know on the surface, this does not look like a food growing topic - but it actually is.

I happen to distill my own base spirit, from sugar, water and yeast.  I've always assumed you make the base and then go and buy some flavour essence (a bit like not realising that vanilla essence is made from beans).  However, I am quickly discovering this is not true.  For example, Lemonchello is a wonderful use for excess lemons and tastes fantastic.  There are some wonderful old school skills that could be shared here. 

Anyways, before I continue the topic, I thought I might see if there was any interest.  If not, I'll shut up.  (Won't be in the least offended because I suspect this might be a kinda unique interest of mine.)

You can also do this by adding a (reasonably priced) bottle of vodka to homemade cordials.  

Um... anyone interested?  Don't need to feel sorry for the newbie - it's honestly fine if you're not.

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This is right up my alley.

DId I invite you to join the group mate?  Check out the groups and feel free to join.  I made a cheese group and a distilling group - which has turned out to be an all around general booze making group, but that keeps it really interesting for everyone.  

Joined. I haven't made any Liqeuers in a while but I used to use a polish rectified spirit which was 95% alcohol. You could get it from Dan Murphys for about $50 for a 500ml bottle. The two major benefits is that it's quite good quality and you can dilute it with 1500ml water to get 2000ml with a nice alcohol content of around 24%.

Hi Craig. "polish rectified" could that be "Polish fortified"? Do you remember the brand name at all? Sounds like a way for me to make some more liquer at a feasible price without the Still.

Well done mate! See - you've contributed heaps already.  

Worked in the liquor industry for 10 years so its one thing I'm reasonably knowledgable on! Lissa I'll find out what brand it is, but it will be labeled spiritus rectificatus. Won't be fortified as that is a different beast altogether.

It is what comes out of my still.  95% proof spirit.  

lol pardon my ignorance. Novice here ;)

Thanks, knowing the brand will make hunting it down in that giant hall of booze much easier.

Yes....very much interested!! We do the same thing with distilling, however have previously purchased the flavours.  Recently we have been eating mainly organic food and so have been steering clear of artificial colours and flavorings, so I'd be very interested in hearing your tips!



There is a group now Jess.  Between us, we are whipping out quite a few natural brews!


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