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I know on the surface, this does not look like a food growing topic - but it actually is.

I happen to distill my own base spirit, from sugar, water and yeast.  I've always assumed you make the base and then go and buy some flavour essence (a bit like not realising that vanilla essence is made from beans).  However, I am quickly discovering this is not true.  For example, Lemonchello is a wonderful use for excess lemons and tastes fantastic.  There are some wonderful old school skills that could be shared here. 

Anyways, before I continue the topic, I thought I might see if there was any interest.  If not, I'll shut up.  (Won't be in the least offended because I suspect this might be a kinda unique interest of mine.)

You can also do this by adding a (reasonably priced) bottle of vodka to homemade cordials.  

Um... anyone interested?  Don't need to feel sorry for the newbie - it's honestly fine if you're not.

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It's a fascinating topic, not one which interests me though. I'm happy to read about it when others join in the conversation.

You are most kind Elaine. 

Hello Andrew, I am a home brewer of beer. I currently use kits (generally the Coopers ones) but I am quite keen to brew beer from scratch. I know its not spirits but if you have any ideas about beer I am interested.





Thanks Cameron.  I have a mate who is about to do a Master Brewer's certificate, but I'm afraid I don't know anything about the stuff (except that my mate's tastes really good and I don't even like beer). I still use the kit yeast and stuff to do my base spirits because it's the best and easiest way.  I'm sure someone else out there brews - maybe they will join in.  

I had assumed most people here would be into the Artisan skills in one way or another. 

Hey Cameron.  Just thought I'd mention that we made a group for this.  Feel free to join and add your brewer's knowledge.  I'm sure there are a lot of others out there who want to learn how to lay down a batch of the amber ale!  

Hallo Andrew,

I am really interested in this topic but i am afraid i have nothing to contribute except a lot of curiosity!  I have great memories of too many lemonchello's and bad singing of holidays spent in Udine with my Italian cousins!  

I am really keen to learn about distilling - so my ears are open.

thanks for the idea of starting a topic.



I'm more than happy with your curiosity Rell. As Clarissa pointed out, you can use vodka as a base to make most of this stuff as well. Vodka is at least reasonably priced, as opposed to most liquors.  I love making my own vodka base but it costs about $800 to buy a still and the other knick-knacks.  However, being able to make a bottle of spirit (like rum, scotch or gin for example) for $10 is pretty good and it eventually offsets the outlay.  I use the fancy liquors for gifts (especially at Christmas), so that saves me a bomb as well - although November becomes a very busy month!  

Hey Rell, we started a group for this if you are interested!

Would dearly love to pick your brains on this subject..... not a lot of knowledge, but tonnes of curiosity. On distilling and many of your other interests.  Maybe a learning day for a few of us interested parties could be arranged?  Hope to hear from you Andrew.



I'd love to share the passion Chris.  I'm really excited that this topic took off tonight! I'll definitely post more, including a get together if people are interested. 

Hey Chris, we started a group for this if you are interested. 

Andrew I make my own liqueurs but I use good vodka as the base. Like coffee, orange or peppermint liqueurs & they really have a kick! It still requires using fruit I've grown like the orange zest. I have a Lemonchello recipe but am waiting for a new batch of lemons. I would like to learn to make a coconut based spirit. mmmm yum!

I assume you have a still if you use sugar cane.


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