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I purchased 4 chooks a few months ago. They all lay daily. Have a reasonably large area to run around in and a comfortable place to sleep at night. Problem is that they have become very noisey over the last few weeks. Wake around 4.45 and make a huge racket. I usually have all the eggs by 9.00am and realise that the "clucking" (understatement) can be related to them laying. Problem is it goes on for around an hour and often happens at other times during the day as well. I am sleep deprived and worried neighbours are suffering too! Unfortunately nowhere else to move them to. Apart from throwing a blanket over the coop has anyone got any other ideas that may have worked for them?

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No idea how you can stop this Nina as I'm not a chook owner, but I used to hear my neighbours chooks doing this early in the morning (luckily for me I rise early anyway) and always thought of it as their labour pains passing the eggs. Made me feel a little sorry for the poor chookies as it doesn't sound much like fun.

I suppose it's one of the downsides to having chooks that give daily fresh eggs.

Maybe some breeds are quieter than others?

You could try spray them with water when they make noise...?

Some breeds are noisier than others, and then it's down to the individual chook.  I found our leghorns are the noisiets, which is inline with the information I've read about different breeds.  The problem is, the chooks learn from each other as well, when one is noisy, others may follow to make a choir out of it.  Same with flightiness. if one learnt to fly out o their run, some others would learn to do it too....

They also recognise people, which may be a suprise to some people who think of chooks as just meat... my mum spoils them, an they tend to call out to my mum, and get excited when my mum comes out the backdoor, but my dad sprayed them with a waterbottle when they're noisey, so if my dad comes out the backdoor instead, they'll turn quiet...


Interesting that the water spray works with chooks as well. I use it on my dogs.

sorry, no ideas here :(

it's probably just a breed thing

do they have a "secret' place to lay eggs in - this might help them to be quieter

drama queens :)

Have tried the water spray in the past with some success. Last few nights have left some lettuce outside the coop so that  when they are up in the morning they have a' treat ' to peck on, rather that announcing to the world that they are awake !  Has helped with the noise factor, maybe just a fluke ? Thanks for your ideas.

I'm glad you did this post Nina.  I've been thinking of moving into chooks and the noise (and grumpy nieghbours) could be a problem.  I also worry a bit about snakes, to be honest.  

I have pekin bantams - they are very quiet and easy to keep - not very vigorous in the scratching department either

snakes can be a problem - one of my chinese silkies (also a quiet breed) was eaten by a snake in highgate hill - much more expensive to mesh them out (you have to use aviary mesh) and if they free range the snakes can come at any time - mine was taken just before dusk

Hi Nina,

I use to have this problem and then figured out it was that I put them into a routine. I use to go down and feed them each morning before I went to work (when I say feed, I mean treats of greens etc, they always have seed on hand). Anyway, eventually I realised that they started demanding it when I wouldnt give it to them, I found that if I altered the time of day I gave it to them, and occasionally skipped a day, the noise settled down a lot. They still have a noisy moment now and again, but it certainly helped a lot. Hope this helps.


I can't hear them from my place so they can't be too bad! But seriously ensure you have heaps of straw in the coop, mine make heaps of noise if they have ruffed up the laying area. Also make a racket if birds pester them.


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