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Thank You so Much to Christa for the Following Report..

We all had a lovely day at the McDowall Manor Garden Visit, and seeing some old friends return and new friends as well.  The spread was lovely with Cheese and home-made cordial with yummy jam-drops and more with good tea and coffee for all.  The chocolate squares were very yummy and some of us were really tempted out of our diets.   The initial chatter between friends is always refreshing and comparing notes and new plantings etc.   Ian received some good advice on growing fig trees from Michael Hoff and realized that our trees are too tall and lanky, so a trim is in order.  Roger was excited about the rainfall he recently received out his way.   Cheryl seemed to have been in the wars and required an arm support, so keep up with the physio, you can’t keep a good gardener down for long.  Muriel had her eye on some of the worms in Andy’s worm farm. 

We then had our garden inspection where Andrew started with the verge where a mango tree was growing very well, and then showed us his new plantings of pigeon peas and banana plants near the driveway alongside some red roses.   We then went on to the backyard where we saw his chicken coop and quails who lived in their multi- story abode. The fish numbers were down on last year as they were part of the food cycle of the farm.   There was a healthy looking  feijoa in flower, and a peach tree with beautiful fruit for all to see.  Citrus trees with young fruit on and rhubarb plants almost ready for eating or cooking.  

The sunnyside of the house garden had some tromboncino vine on the fence and some beautiful salvia in full colour, a sight to see. Green grapes flourishing on the fence further down and tiny tomatoes here and there. A healthy hive of stingless bees swarming as we chatted.

Andrew demonstrated his chicken sausage making, which was interesting for most of us to see.  The proof was in the tasting and was enjoyed by all.  Well done Andy.   Young Olivia helped by selling the Raffle tickets, and did a good job at that.  The first winning ticket holder was Paul, who won a homemade jar of chutney and the next one was myself but decided to give Susan the prize which was also a jar of  homemade chutney.

The swap table consisted of cuttings and tromboncino and freshly laid colourful eggs which Susan had bought along, as she had a glut of zucchini type veggies at her place and wanted to share her excess. There was also a wonderful pomegranate tree which went to a good home at the White’s place.   Thanks Andrew and Rozie for hosting a great day.

I do have a great photo to put in that Christa's husband Ian took but for some reason it keeps turning on it's side..Any Suggestions how I can right it as I have tried everything????????

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A Big Thank You to Christa for her report. Andy and Rozie were wonderful hosts and Andy's Demonstration of Sausage Making was food for thought as a project Graham might like to have when he retires. Once again Thank You both so much for your hospitality.

We all had a good time and without our members attending the GV's there would be none, so a big Thank You goes out to all who attended.

I am still looking for Members Gardens for GV visits in 2019, so if you are interested please send me an email through the BLF Inbox and we will discuss a suitable month for you.

Thank you Christa! I love to keep in touch with the GVs.

Thanks Christa.  If you right click on the picture, the computer should offer you "rotate." 

There was no offer for me (Dianne, but remember Ning doesn't like me) to Rotate it Andy, tried everything. Sorry folks, I am so pleased that GayleD had the same photo of the "Lord of McDowall Manor" on his Chariot. 

Some pics I took on the day.  Thanks Andy - your garden is always interesting, and always something new. 

Here's our host on his new scooter.  Yes, it is easy to fall off.

Andy's verge is a challenge with shade from the tree.  Newly installed concrete footpath creates an area for planting. Several herbs along the way and the mango tree which would be out into the sun being inspected at the end. 

Bumper crop of peaches

This archway with fruit trees either side creates rooms. Very clever use of space.

Very fancy chookhouse. You can just see the girls through the wire to the right of their magnificent geranium plant

Enormous tromboncino along the north facing fence

Brilliant yellow zucchinis  

Impossible to walk past this salvia without touching it.  Really soft, silky flowers.

Grapes along the fence as well.

Several beehives in the front garden. Lots of tiny native bees swarming.

This birdhouse is another one of Andy's creations.

Making sausages. It goes in this end...

and out the other end

But who knew that Ian was an expert?  Here he demonstrates how to magically turn unwieldy sausage into bunches / plaits / strings - there must be a word for that.  
This group never ceases to surprise with their skills.

The lovely Mauve/Purple Salvia in Andy and Rozie's Garden is Salvia leucantha commonly called Mexican Bush Sage.

Originally from Lissa. 

Lissa, your garden lives on through all our gardens!

Thanks for adding the pictures Gayle.  Just so people know, that bird house is not one of mine.  That was a bought one.  It got me going and I ended up adding three more that I made.  

Thank you for the report. I am sorry I missed this one. We had to fit in a last minute birthday party before end of the year rush for one of my Christmas babies.  The garden looks fabulous and I love the look of the bird house. Show us the other 3 Andy!


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