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Hi everyone just wanted to show my A frame garden.The frame stands 900 high by 900 wide and its bottom is only 500 long .The pipes are simply blocked at the ends and slotted across .They sit on steel pegs wich sit in holes on the mostly 4x2 timber I salvaged from a building site.The A frame sits on a steel table I fabricated so it would be at a user friendly site but thats my choice only.It could also sit neatly on the ground ,against the wall or even a small board with wheels perhaps .There is a frame of netting over it as I do this with most of my beds.The crops are kale,spinach,bok choy and broccolli.The photos have been taken a week apart and hope they make the design easy to follow.

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What a great idea, You really do come up with all sorts of things.

That's the best scrap garden I've seen in a long time. When I say scrap Darren, It's a huge complement (I'm sure you're already there) as it rivals new parts and/or complete systems you can purchase in use of space, integrated structure, water efficiency and looking at the results effectiveness. It looks great as well!

So well done mate!

Green or recycled garden sounds much better than scrap... sorry Darren

No offence taken at all Rob,I was looking at a vertical wall garden on utube the other day and there was an item selling that looked like 5 pieces of gutter joined to each other ,sure all nice neat and tidy but selling at 400.00 each PHEW! my garden would be producing a lot more also.I would love to write a book one mans waste another mans garden.LOL

That is so neat Darren :) and a great use of recycled scrap materials (there, I used both descriptions!).

I hope we get the chance to see your garden in person one day. We need more on the southside to visit. 

I'm working on him for a GV, Lissa.

Looks productive Darren and I like your frugal resourcefulness. Put me down for one of the first copies of your new book!

WOW fantastic - what size pipe did you use and also what type of netting do you use to cover your crops.  Mine are getting eaten all the time so I really need to investigate how to protect them - looks like I need to get a crash course in carpentry

Hi Cheryl one thing that I do buy is proper insect netting from bunnings,if you do buy some make sure it is insect and not bird netting.,for the amount you get I find its not that expensive.On some of my drum garden lids I have used shade cloth,but the walls still have the insect netting so as to let more light in.The pipes are 6inch diameter but would be lucky to have only 4 and a half inches of soil.Leafy greens dont need a lot of soil,but must be rich with plenty of nitrogen.

Thanks Darren, will now have to save to get some of the netting and then the piping.

that is so awesome - so resourceful ! another project for the list for holidays and retirement ! 

Looks good!


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