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Well I'd never heard of this so I googled it when Lissa mentioned it on one of the babaco photos. 


Donna:  Never heard of them, googled it just now - can you buy the plants yet?  Or do they grow from seed I wonder, worth a try certainly.


Lissa:  I keep looking for plants for sale - Daley have them in production by the looks.

Apparently the Achacha Fruit Group hold rights to growing of the plant (from what I've read). There's some discussions going in Daley's at least one guy seems to have grown them from seed.


Ali:  Ooo I love achacha... I had one at the Powerhouse Markets a few years ago... I wish I had kept some seeds, but I wasn't gardening at the time. I've never seen them for sale as a tree though.

The Achacha is from the same family and is similar in taste to the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), known as “the queen of tropical fruit”, which is grown throughout tropical Asia particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia. Local and imported mangosteen are available in Australia from time to time.

However the Achacha has a thinner golden skin, compared to the mangosteen’s thicker dark purple skin, it has about 25% more flesh per kilogram than the mangosteen, and it is not as sweet as the mangosteen. The Achacha has a wonderful balance between sweet and tart, with a delicate sorbet finish which makes it quite different to all other fruit and very refreshing.



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If anyone hears of plants coming up for sale anywhere, I would love to hear. Or fruit being sold locally as I haven't tried them yet.

When I was doing this on the Daleys forum a few people were saying they have been spotted in Coles in Bne somewhere... if you get a chance it might be worth giving them a call?
I've sent an online enquiry to Coles. Who knows.....maybe they have it somewhere.
Donna, some friends of mine found some fruit out the back of Coles and might still have some seeds. Unfortunately i lost mine. I'll try to chase some up. I don't have a good space for propagating atm

Hi Donna, I just enquired and it seems that the seeds were thrown out. I know at least one person that is propagating the seeds. I've heard that there's an urban orchard in the pipeline at the end of Beaconsfield st. Given the growing enthusiasm for achacha i'll suggest that they grow a tree there :)

Hey - check it out, they're cyclone proof!



However I suspect that like Rambutans, Achacha are tropical not sub-tropical :-(.
Thanks for that list Larissa, think I'll be off to Toowong for some... as soon as I find a spare moment!  I'll also check the local woolies next time I'm there in case they have it.

Good article Scarlett - thank you.

Great list Larissa, much appreciated :) There's a shop not far from here - I'll pop in tomorrow - hopefully they will have some in stock.

Bought some, ate some, not overly blown over like some appear to be, but after reading Scarlett's article above I can make some allowance that what I'm eating isn't Achacha at their best.

Pleasant, not sweet not sour. Light fluffy slightly juicy flesh over quite a large seed (read article).

I'd grow it. I'm sure they must look pretty covered in bright orange fruit.

Lissa, if you don't mind me asking how much did they cost?  I was looking on their website and it looked like they were a few dollars EACH!  Think I'd try to grow it from seed, the fact I might need two wouldn't completely put me off but I can see that others with smaller yards might be concerned.

The fruit I bought was about $7/$8 kg. Storm damaged on the outside but fine on the inside.

I have seed here - some I'm attempting to grow myself, but I have excess. I'll aim to bring them along on Sunday to Jane St and anyone can take them. Apparently they don't have a long shelf life.


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