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Well I'd never heard of this so I googled it when Lissa mentioned it on one of the babaco photos. 


Donna:  Never heard of them, googled it just now - can you buy the plants yet?  Or do they grow from seed I wonder, worth a try certainly.


Lissa:  I keep looking for plants for sale - Daley have them in production by the looks.

Apparently the Achacha Fruit Group hold rights to growing of the plant (from what I've read). There's some discussions going in Daley's at least one guy seems to have grown them from seed.


Ali:  Ooo I love achacha... I had one at the Powerhouse Markets a few years ago... I wish I had kept some seeds, but I wasn't gardening at the time. I've never seen them for sale as a tree though.

The Achacha is from the same family and is similar in taste to the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), known as “the queen of tropical fruit”, which is grown throughout tropical Asia particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia. Local and imported mangosteen are available in Australia from time to time.

However the Achacha has a thinner golden skin, compared to the mangosteen’s thicker dark purple skin, it has about 25% more flesh per kilogram than the mangosteen, and it is not as sweet as the mangosteen. The Achacha has a wonderful balance between sweet and tart, with a delicate sorbet finish which makes it quite different to all other fruit and very refreshing.



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I did Matthew but they died when planted out. I think I gave one away but it was some time back. There's quite a bit of discussion about growing Achacha from seed on the Daley forum if you are interested.

Thanks Lissa

I just discovered achacha for the first time this weekend. Bought some from Charlie's Fruit market at Everton Park. Really liked the glasinteresting flavour, and especially achacha drink made from the skin. Determined is like to try growing it now. 

Matthew, they are, I believe, named Garcinia humilis, and common name: Achachairu, Syn: Mammea humilis.  I have seen the plants for sale for about $9 plus p&p. It pays to grow a couple of them, even though they are self-fertile.

Would be very interested where you saw the plants for sale Christa. Great price. 

Just got some fruit from Ashgrove fruit&veg shop. OMG. Saving the seed right now. Totally growing this, especially considering they were $14.99 a kg!

I have achacha seeds in pots waiting for germination. I bought a plant front daleys 2 yrs ago also - is is doing really really well in brisbane climate. On a trip to Sydney recently they sell them at growers markets for 2.99kg - ate a glut full - so yum

This is also a new plant in our garden,  after reading up about the subject on these, we knew it would be a suitable plant in our garden.  The size may be a problem but my aim is to get it growing first in a tub and it can always go in the ground later.  It fruits in abundance so we purchased a larger plant to get over the juvenile stage.    Let's hope we live long enough to eat these lovely fruits.  

Yum :) Hope it's flourishes for you.


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