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A very quick (unexpected!) change to the look of the site... what do you think?

Hi Folks

Well, that was unexpected! We're currently looking into what happened, but we just had a very quick change to the look of the site!

For those who glimpsed the previous khaki and purple version (?!) hopefully this is a decent substitute while we establish what happened to the original template (hackers or Ning changes?).

In the meantime, I suppose this is as good a time as any to let us know what you think!

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People seemed interested in using pictures from the latest garden visit in our site header.  So, I had a crack at doing exactly that.  WE are now running with member pics - thanks to Valerie and Elaine.  HOwever, once the new pictures went up, the previous blue font colour just didn't work.  So, I changed that too.  (Farina is probably gunna kill me for this!)

I'd be grateful for some constructive feedback.  Do you like the idea of changing looks to reflect the latest garden visit?  To be honest, all I am looking for is a "yea" or "nay".  We will all have our own opinions about the tiny details of font colour etc - that is going to get way too complicated to manage (just being honest now).

Please note: I am only changing the picture at the top and the font colour around the picture.  I promise not to change anything else.  Like or hate???!!!

Speaking as a 'featured artist' I love it! 

I think photos of the last visit are a great idea - if we went, it will remind us what we saw and act as a nudge to put inspirations into practice - if we didn't go, it will make us wonder what we missed so encourage us to go next time. Timing also means it will reflect the season.

Happy to trust your judgement with the font etc.

Kill you? No way I love it! My only concern is how easily people can see the tab headings but we should be able to address that fairly easily... Nice work and lovely to have garden visits featured like this!

Like the idea of current garden photos

way to go - awesome! 


Great idea using photos from the last garden visit!  If it's not too much trouble for you to change it every time :)

Changing the picture is pretty easy Florence.  It's only the text that's a bit tricky.

I think we now have general agreement that garden visit pictures are a hit!  It's a bit like the site gets a new lick of paint each month.  

Looks good Andy. Perhaps make the wording stand out a bit better. White on a light background gets lost.

Still playing with the interface Lissa.  I'm having to use "advanced mode" which requires CSS coding. Plus, I am REALLY fussy with my colour mixes and haven't found a font colour I like on the background yet.  I don't like the idea of darkening Susan's garden which would be the obvious answer.  I hope people can bear with me until I learn my way around. 

Obviously a lot more complicated than many of us realise!


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