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A very quick (unexpected!) change to the look of the site... what do you think?

Hi Folks

Well, that was unexpected! We're currently looking into what happened, but we just had a very quick change to the look of the site!

For those who glimpsed the previous khaki and purple version (?!) hopefully this is a decent substitute while we establish what happened to the original template (hackers or Ning changes?).

In the meantime, I suppose this is as good a time as any to let us know what you think!

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Without asking Scarlett what she did, it looked like she just took 4 or 5 photos that she liked and joined them up. Both the headers that you have shown above look good and better to understand with the text overlayed.

I understand Andy's difficulties in getting a slice out of a good photo.

The first banner has good colours and content for the site. Yes, we all did get a bit of excitement out of seeing members photos up the top. Maybe they just need to be featured in a separate spot now? Is that shot of the strawberries etc legal for us to use? Not just something copied off the net?

The second (citrus) banner features a lovely shot of what most people would call a pest so probably not the best choice.

Me too! Thank you Andy, getting the right size pic with the right content plus the right colours and contrast to make it a suitable background is quite a feat.

Let's continue this discussion in the BLF Future's Group so that anyone who may have missed out on contributing so far can join in. 

If you're interested in this discussion and would like to take part, please join the BLF Future's Group by clicking here.

Both shots are mine Lissa.  

Good stuff. Then I would vote for the food and cheese version. Rather than the giant pest bug on one variety of plant (much as I like bugs, sorry Gayle).

and the beauty is, it will change every season!  (Hell, I could change it every month, if you folks wanted.)

sounds good! 

i like the first one..... mmmm if i wasnt so bizzy, trying to start up my own business, id help you out and do up a few banners with ya ... but these are good.... mmmm is it possible to add a darker lettering, so the white letters pop out at ya and look like their floating.. [i forget what lettering its called, but so there is a dark letter 'B' with a slightly off centered what letter 'B' sittings on top of the dark 'B'] hope that made sense heehee.

My bug is famous!  

I'd say it is a Cotton Harlequin Bug / Hibiscus Harlequin Bug - Tectocoris diophthalmus It was on the native hibiscus out the front. 

He is indeed Gayle. 

B*** me, now there's a header and now there's not :-( Looks good but is short of the actual page width although it does line up with other columns. Tricky with flexible pages, nothing stays still like print on a paper page.

They specify the header width.  It will adjust to flexible pages. 


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