A regal worm tower -planter

Hi everyone I did warn of more unusual ideas coming your way lol.This is a worm tower with a difference and a very simple project most people could make.The pipe is in the ground 300mm or thereabouts and the top pot has its bottom cut out and as you can see sits over the pipe. The pot sits on 3 evenly placed bolts sitting outwards.The top of the pipe has a lid and solar light attached  wich lifts off to feed the earth with your waste.The bottom pipe is purely for decoration.

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  • Hidden in plain site, Real Nice!

    Is the fancy base cowling an upside down pot?

    • Hi Rob ,yes mate just an upside down pot picked it and the webber lid up on a council cleanup.The pipe I got from a decommisioning job.

  • Fantastic, wish I was as handy and creative as you

  • What a great idea! love it

  • That's as flash as a rat with a gold tooth mate!

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