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My new website has been promised for delivery within the next 2 weeks!  Ye-hah!

So, the final time I will offer the special deal.  The next course is on Sunday 20 October.  I'm still happy to offer it to the Brisbane Local Food folks for $49.50 which is half price.  You get 6 full hours of tuition from 1 pm to 7 pm.  It also includes a practical which is taking shots of the city lights reflected in the river.  I will drive you there and back.  

My Rozie usually makes a cake on the day for us to enjoy.  Tea and coffee is also provided.  If I've made cheese, there's usually some on offer for the testing.

The course is easy and best of all - it is fun.  

Anyone who is interested should email me at or pm me via this site.  

You can see what's on offer at .  

Please don't book on line via the site because this is an offer for the Brisbane Local Food site only!

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How did your course go mate? Sorry I can't make it to september either.. :(

It was really nice Matt.  Nice small group of three.  Laid back.  Good company.  Just how I like it!

Excuse my absence from this post....took a while to get over the jetlag....should have taken an extra day or two off from work, rather than jump back the day after coming home. Glad the course went well...sigh, hopefully next time for me! (although I know the next few months is going to be pushing it for me!)

Heck, there's not need for excuse Wendy!  I'm a bit embarrassed that next month is the last time I going to do it.  On the flip side, I am really excited about my new website.  I'm gunna have to post a link.... I can't help myself!  

Mr Cumberland, I will make time for this course. (i hope!)

Can you please advise if I'd need one of those gigantic SLR/DSLR or my trusty compact camera (Canon S100) will work? 

What other equipment will i require?

Also quite interested in your other courses :)

It would be a pleasure to have you on board, kind Sir.  To address your questions:

Camera type - Your S100 is a damn fine piece of equipment.  I don't advocate SLRs for most people - they are overkill and just plain bulky.  It's more than suitable for the course!  I'm glad you had the sense to do the course before buying an SLR.  Most people are shocked at what they can get out of a pocket camera.  "Why did I buy an SLR??" is a frequent question by the end of the course. 

Other equipment - you need to bring your manual in case we can't find a particular feature.  Bring a tripod if you own one.  I have sufficient to lend you one, if you don't. 

The most important thing - bring your sense of humour.  You'll have a lot of fun and find out that you accidently learned heaps.  

HEHE.. i've done my research before buying my equipment.. was told this is the one professionals use when they don't have their SLR with them...

Used it to take a friend's wedding photos in June this year (the photographer allowed me to shadow her the whole day), very impressed with the quality of my pictures taken(almost as good as the professionals).

I joined the photography club when i was 13 in high school but for the first year all my pictures that I took on film (when developed) came out 36 prints of black... I never really understood the Fx's and aperture openings but can develop  a mean photograph in the dark room... Finally quit the club after the first year.. Dad had a SLR which i used at this club but gave up...

I'll look for the manual but i've sent my tripod back to Singapore, so i'll need to borrow one.. When is the very last I can confirm attendance for this course?

Since it is you, pretty much whenever mate.  

Dang, just saw your updated first post and date. Definite no to the 20th, will be in Arimidale for a wedding and Adelaide for a family business trip after that. 

OH well, will await further dates on your usual courses and aim for that one day!

You'll get there eventually Wendy. 

Hello good sir.. Pls pencil me in.. I'll pay u cash on the day.. What other details do u need from me?

Will do Mr Heng. The only other detail is that I need your email address.  Can you pm it to me please. (I'll send you some details and what to bring).


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