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My new website has been promised for delivery within the next 2 weeks!  Ye-hah!

So, the final time I will offer the special deal.  The next course is on Sunday 20 October.  I'm still happy to offer it to the Brisbane Local Food folks for $49.50 which is half price.  You get 6 full hours of tuition from 1 pm to 7 pm.  It also includes a practical which is taking shots of the city lights reflected in the river.  I will drive you there and back.  

My Rozie usually makes a cake on the day for us to enjoy.  Tea and coffee is also provided.  If I've made cheese, there's usually some on offer for the testing.

The course is easy and best of all - it is fun.  

Anyone who is interested should email me at or pm me via this site.  

You can see what's on offer at .  

Please don't book on line via the site because this is an offer for the Brisbane Local Food site only!

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Hope you had fun Matt H and Farina!  You know you are gunna have to post some photos for people?

Thanks andy.. what a fantastic afternoon :) and it was nice meeting you too farina...

please thank your rosie for the yummy cake!

Glad you enjoyed it Matt.  I just yelled out about the "thank your Rozie for the yummy cake!"  She laughed that the "My Rozie" has stuck. 

Absolutely fabulous!! The day kind of went like this....

Andy makes us REALLY get to know all those buttons and fancy symbols on our cameras (and which ones are "@#%& useless")!

Still figuring things out (a bit blurry here and there) and the box for the fabulous little camera recommended by Andy and Matt...

Our Andy bored witless and unable to believe the levels of incompetence present on the day ("oh you mean turn it on?")... 

The look on K's face pretty much sums it up for the rest of us....

Then outside for a bit of practice... forget this thoughtful guy's name, but he posed nicely...

Whereas "Bob" had that whole dark and creepy thing going on...

Still room for improvement, but that was okay because we continued to brush up on the finer points after this...

The grand finale was spectacular - a worthy ending to a fantastic day! Thank you Andy!

LOL.  You sly fox - you did an Andy style report.  

Can I say, WOW!  You nailed the shots in town.  I'll put a few of yours in the student gallery (if that's okay with you - you retain copyright and credit of course).

It was a nice fun little group.

My parting gift - Farina By Farina! (This was at the start of the day - she obviously got a lot better!)


Sure thing Andy re the pics - do you need the original sizes? And don't worry, I know the rule... learn from the best! :)

The current sizes are perfect. 


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