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A new member of the BLF admin team! (And where to from here...)

We have a new member of the BLF admin team - welcome Lissa! Some of you may already know her....? ;)

Few people know this site and do as much for the local food  community as Lissa and I am incredibly grateful for her advice and assistance. She also has a very nice garden... :) So you're likely to see her name pop up on a few extra things from now.

We are very much aware that many people put their hand up to help with the admin of this site - don't worry, your time will come! There are dozens of talented, passionate people on this site who either already do, or would like to, contribute their skills and energy to make BLF the vibrant, informative and comforting place that it is, and we'll be needing everybody's help in one way or another :)

In the meantime, we're going to continue taking it slow and figuring out where we're at and where we want to be going.

So I'll be posting a few more of these types of discussions designed to nut out important aspects of how the site works, what we want to achieve and how we work together and we want everybody to be able to be part of the conversation. A bit further down the track we'll move it to a group to avoid clogging up the forum, but for now, let's keep it easy to find.

If you're interested, or would like to contribute to the conversation, please join! All ideas and energy very much welcome :)

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Thanks Farina :) This will be an interesting new aspect to the site for me. I will do my darndest to live up to any expectations.

Even before this development, I have high hopes of organising more workshops in the Moreton region, which is a bit of a black hole at the moment. Early days yet...will keep everyone posted.

Brilliant :) The Moreton region is lucky!

I'm conscious that you already do so much on this site including organising garden visits, keeping things active and posting much new info including events. I'm sure you'll put the call out when you need help and that there would be many willing hands!

And as you know we're ready to help you if you need it in getting the workshops up and running, especially through The GOODNESS Inc.  Thanks Lissa!

'The Goodness Inc' what is this? Am I missing out on something? ;-)

You most certainly are! ;)

Kidding - it's a little side project that I've been helping out on that is a nice complement to BLF and has the potential to help get community projects off the ground and support the work of unincorporated groups like us.

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