Market stall on a bike?

At the Greenfest Scarlett & I were talking bikes. In Holland, people have bikes that have a cargo space (flat, deep, all sorts) at the front and they bike to where a market is, open up the tarps and presto: ready made market stall. Besides that, there are heaps of ideas on what you can attach to bikes so that riding is a viable option: eg transporting kids & shopping & dogs & whatever not. It is easy to find in google image with these keywords and most of the sites are in English: "work bikes, cargo trikes, bakfiets, dutch bikes" or follow any of the links below. To have a look at what else one can do with bikes, type in "conference bike, chicagofreakbike, De bakfietsen van Mara Berkhout" (follow the links on that site for much more). from Oregon In Australia: has the real Dutch thing in Brisbane has lots of attachements if you want an electric motor to help you push. There are more companies and do explore. Scarlett, the type of bike you're after could be a batavus and also known as an Oma or Opoe bike. There are lots of pictures & how to create it hints on the web. + here is an australian importer and this lot has a few available as well as lots of links to Sydney cycling. Hope people don't mind talking about transporting plants, rather than growing them. Cheers, Gabrielle

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