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According to the ning folks, our website should now be running properly.  I know it's been terrible for some of us for the last two weeks.   

Can you please reply below if you are still having problems. (and tell me what they are).  

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  • Thanks for the updates and info Andy and Elaine.

  • Extreme slow loading was one of my many issues as well. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to any of the issues we are experiencing. On any day it might be a mix of issues - 500, slow loading, cannot login etc. It's as though there is something very basic wrong with the way they have written the code or just a basic fault in something else I don't have a name for. At no time have I ever experienced anything like this with Twitter or eBay - sites very heavily trafficked which I visit regularly, especially Twitter.

    Don't ask me to explain what a VPN is except to say it enables the user to browse anonymously! With Tunnel Bear I can say I am in xyz country when that is necessary. There are different VPNs for different purposes afaik.

    As for payment Andy, I am happy to be one of a few people who would contribute if that became necessary. I do not like ads and use an ad blocker. I get to see 2 ads on BLF, the rest are blocked. It doesn't matter a hoot that say 6 people per year paid for the site. That happens with other lists I am on, some contribute and some do not. No one worries, those who can or want to make a donation, the others freeload. A mini-socialist state with everyone benefitting one way or another.

    BLF has saved my sanity and taught me so much in the last 6-plus years that I have been on it. I want to see it continue and the happy camaraderie with food, seeds, cuttings and experiences has been a big part of my life. I hope that it will continue whether sticking with Ning or going elsewhere.

    Thinking about migrating, if each person who is interested copies and pastes their own contributions and photos then the amount of work involved will be minimal for the Admins. That is down the track I know but the size of the site is huge and a mountain of work for others if we don't do our own contributions ourselves.

    • Slow loading was or is still an issue Elaine?  

      We all suffered in the last two weeks.  What I am trying to understand is what issues are current so I can try to get them solved.  

      The problem appears to relate to IP addresses.  VPNs (virtual private networks) give you a fake IP from a fake location.  The new IP addresses appear to be able to log in okay.  

      Everyone needs to understand, there would be NO MIGRATION.  It would mean a whole new site.  All previous content and members would be lost.  You can copy and paste to add information again as a new entry, but that's what it would be.  The entire history of BLF dies.  

      New site design would either cost us thousands, or require someone with know how to devote lots of time for free. 

      Twitter and Ebay are bloody huge, world-wide businesses.  Of course they can pay to stay running the whole time.  We are a tiny, insignificant 500 person (compared to 500,000,000 people on twitter and ebay) social group who have very little to offer any business who would like to help support us.  

      A hack free site like a ning would cost in the thousands of dollars.  Don't kid yourself, places like wordpress are hacked regularly and just don't offer the features we are used to. 

      • I don't like to shout too loudly Andy, but *was* slow-loading/unavailable etc. It has been OK this last week or so.

        Ning did ask me to send a 'trace route' which I did (they never acknowledged) then when I worked out I could use Tunnel Bear, I sent them another trace route. I've not heard a word from them since. I used Tunnel Bear for perhaps a week then just as suddenly I could get on OK from here without any hassle. Has been good since then. Meantime I sent the trace route info to my ISP (Vivid Wireless) asking them what was the problem but did not hear anything back from them. I was hoping to find an answer but all I have is questions.

        OK so no setting up another BLF somewhere else. OK if only we could get Ning to acknowledge their part in this and guide us to what we might do when there's problems. If Ning have issues as we know they do and eBay/Twitter do not, then what is the difference? Money itself does not solve anything there must be explanations on what has and is going wrong with Ning.

        • My shouting is only out of fear Elaine.  We all need to be clear about the technicals that we are wishing for.

          I'm amazed that Ning answered your email at all.  I'm glad they did!  And, I'm glad they took your info, but I am indeed surprised.  Users are meant to email admins.  I sincerely hope the route info you sent might help.  I couldn't have sent that info to them on your behalf without having to have to spent ages with us emailing each other. 

          It's really only been the last 6 months that I've noticed real problems on BLF. It's been an absolute pain, to be honest.  Let's hope they fix it soon. 

          • At the time I could not get into BLF - couldn't even get it to load. But I was able to send a 'contact us' form to them from the Ning front page. I explained to them that I could not get BLF so could not email to you.

            Perhaps it has been of some help although probably I will never know.

            What I meant by shouting Andy is not having 'something' overhear that it is working OK. Like 'don't shout too loudly but the car is running well now'.

            Perhaps since they've been fooling about with Ning3?

  • I have been unable to get onto the site for the past week. Presently, the site does load - but very very slowly.  My computor states that the site is unresponsive.  I have changed browsers and done all the things that are recommended.  What is a Virtual Private Network?

    Signed off or logging out is almost impossible.

    • I will report the issue Christa. 

  • Currently working OK but have had major hassles last few weeks on and off.

    The most successful work-around was using a Virtual Private Network. Who-knows-why I could logon and post via U.K. and not from here.

    Other possible solutions include emptying the browser cache, re-starting the browser, re-starting the computer and update everything internet-associated if possible.

    Sometimes I could get on by typing in address (? huh!) and not using my bookmark or using another browser. There's several browsers to choose from, give them a whirl and see what happens.

    Not that Ning seem to give a hoot. I now get their system updates and they have spates of 500 errors so whatever they are doing is not working all that well. They are cock-a-hoop and say everything is humming nicely. Boy have we got news for them.

    Sometimes I can get onto the Ning main site when not able to get BLF and have posted a contact message which has been responded to but they never have an explanation nor any apology. They act as though we are the only ones with a problem. Hmph.

    And if you have an issue and are able to get their main page *use the email address you registered with BLF* or they won't respond to your question or report.

  • People have been contacting me by phone as they can't get on to the website. They may be now able to. If I get any more messages I will post them here.

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