As far as experience, Ass dip environmental practices, cert 4 horticulture, I was in the second group under Bill mollison for permaculture, studied with Peter Proctor and practiced Bio-dynamics at Tocal collage and then worked with Hugh Lovell for two years @Quantum Ag Solutions and worked for Oolloo farm management on Timber corp food farms in sustainability structures. I now run New World Concepts, Skyfarms Australia large scale rooftop urban-agriculture & ecoroof green roof design and construction. I build greenhouse gas footprint minimisation systems for corporates and carry out bio remediation work on water ways and mine sites regeneration Product range includes Effective Microorganisms distributor Custom biological products for fungus, mildews, vitality increase Radionic BD preps Azomite rock dust BFA certified input 70 +trace elements and minerals Anthony Foo

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