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The weather was fine, warm and perfect for a Garden Visit.

A good array of plants to share and food to delight the senses.

Our 'official' photographer, Andy

will add his professional pix ...

Some of the good crowd who rolled up to talk and share:

The pet drake was relaxed with the company ...

Potted trees ...

Pumpkins and Okra ...

The herb garden ...

And an exquisite Hibiscus (as it turns out, not a Hibiscus - see discussion below) ...

And some of the scrumptious food we shared ...

Thank you Farina for your hospitality and those wicked gluten-free bliss bombs ;-)

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Thanks Scott! We'll expect to see you next time ;) 

I think you may find that "Hibiscus" above  is a Succulent Morning Glory/ Ipomea Carnea very pretty. (You are enlightening Elaine ;-D)

That's it! Thanks Christine :)

Well! First time I've seen a 'morning glory' which is not a vine. Think Sweet Potatoes … Thank you Christine, you are enlightening! ;-)

Interesting when you say , Elaine, that you can liken this plant to dope not just with the fibrous stems but with the psychedelic nature of the seeds or so this article says. Oh Youtube ,what is the saying  "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing..................

Er, Christine … the Hibiscus family (Malvaceae) is the one in which 'dope' occurs. Morning Glory family (Convolvulaceae) is a different family. How far apart they are taxonomically I've no idea, never looked into that.

It's the flowers or rather the details within the flowers, which primarily determines plant family. 'Little' details such as the placement of the ovaries (inferior, superior) the number and arrangement of stamens, the number and arrangement of petals and a stack of other details.

Whether botanically related or not, there is a resemblance between the flowers of Farina's plant and Hibiscus. This is where the fine details become important. And equally, there's many plants with similar characteristics apart from the flowers. Think about Vietnamese Mint and Coriander. Doubt they are close botanically but the flavour is very close. Cinnamon and Cassia as well. So it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there's hallucinogenic seeds and substances in other plants beside dope and some mushrooms.

Start playing about in the world of plant taxonomy and there are more questions than answers ;-)

Elaine and Lissa this is for you... gluten free bliss bombs recipe: 

Mine had a tablespoon of maca powder and some goji berries thrown in for good measure... 

Thanks Farina :)


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