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What an exceptionally wonderful get together despite the heat. Bringing together the Dayboro and Surrounds Garden group with our own Brisbane Local Food members. About 36 people by one count (they kept moving!).

We would like to sincerely thank Lynn and Wayne, Mary-Ann and Colin for making us all so welcome and showing us their beautiful, very different from each other, gardens.

Also a big thank you to Anne (The Micro Gardener) Gibson for giving an informative talk on soil health - how to achieve it and how it affects our own health.

Lynn and Wayne's garden is on a suburban block in Dayboro township with many different fruiting trees, vege beds, herb gardens, chooks and a beautiful English country garden atmosphere in the front yard.

I apologise - at some point I develop a smear on my camera lens. 

Morning tea and swap goodies in the shed.

Robyn from the Dayboro group enjoys some the delicious Kumquat cordial drink made by Lynn.

Looking down the drive from the shed to the back of the house. The orchard is on the right. Water flow is a bit of a problem during heavy down pours and they have solved it simply with a row of bricks to divert the flow.

Roger admiring some of the fruit trees is astounded by the rate of growth some good red soil provides.

Lynn has some beautiful speckled hens (someone will remember the breed and tell me I'm sure!). When they get clucky she sources some fertile eggs locally for them to hatch.

Beautiful bed of mixed flowers and veg provided Roz with some geranium cuttings.

Grow tunnel made from recycled materials.

Wayne showing some of the group through the business end of the tunnel.

The lush gardens were a mix of flowers, herbs, veg and fruiting plants.

Potatoes in grow bags.

Raised beds full of healthy herbs.

Raised beds growing sweet potatoes down the side of the house.

The front yard was a beautiful mass of flowering plants and fruiting trees, including a coffee tree which has provided enough fruit to create some drinks.

This stunning white flowering plant is a Perennial Cleome. Lynn has offered a few thousand seed to anyone who wants some....but be aware, it has spikes.

A couple of shy lads, Mahesa and Steve. They jumped in front of the camera and struck a pose where others kept running away!


Hard to believe Mary-Ann and Collin only moved into their beautiful hilltop acreage property in King Scrub only in May last year. They have achieved so much in such a short time.

Front of the house.

And some of the views from the front verandah.

Lunch was truly stupendous with a gourmet variety of salads brought by everyone and I think six varieties of GF sausages made by the local butcher. Cooked by Colin and Mary-Ann.

After lunch Anne (Gibson "The Micro Gardener") gets passionate about how to achieve soil health and why it is so important to our own health.

Giant chook run made from recycled materials with pineapple and strawberry bed below. The pineapple heads are sourced from Lawnton Country Market fruit shop. Mary-Ann knows they keep a stash under the counter!

Walking through the newly established orchard which has a large variety of interesting fruiting plants.

Popcorn Cassia.

Chilacoyotes - a relative of the choko!

Tromboncino caught in the fence.

Pawpaw netted.

Grow tunnel.

Pretty walkways.

Propagation area. That large white structure in the background is a massive rainwater tank - I think Mary-Ann mentioned 250,000lt which took 9mths to fill.

Colin showing off his liquid manure tubs filled with a mix of cow poo, molasses and other goodies. Road kill was suggested and denied.

View at the back. Note the cows off in the distance.

And last of all two pretty little soft eyed cows called.......Steak and Mince.

A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the day. Apart from the heat it was a wonderful, happy day to get together with like minded friends.

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Hi everyone what a fantastic visit to both homes ,The hospitality, gardens, food, drinks,scenery ,new ideas etc from both visits were only something  like minded people like ourselves I think you will agree could probably experience .   I came away  inspired  with new ideas .The  growing or polytunnels as we seen are next on my list as its much more efficient than having ten drum gardens seperately netted as I do as present. I also will find a place for a pumpkin vine or two,dont care what my wife says LOL.Thanks again lyn,Wayne Maryanne and Colin and thanks to Anne for a wonderful talk

Thanks Lissa for a wonderful write up and to all the lovely people I met on the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the garden tours, the hospitality of our hosts and delicious food.

For those interested in continuing to learn more about soil health, you may enjoy my article on DIY potting mix. I also briefly mentioned revitalising/reusing your old potting mix and there are lots of tips on how to audit your soil and reuse your mix in this a...

If you want some more tips on soil health and preparing for planting, you can check out the 3 steps I follow.

I hope this gives you some practical tips as a follow up from my talk.

Cheers Anne


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