• Jun 26, 2022 from 10:30am to 12:05pm
  • Location: Andy's house
  • Latest Activity: Jun 25, 2022

A morning tea (of course, it's BLF!) and chat about where we want our social aspects of the site to go.  

I love the garden visits.  The truth is, it was just an excuse for a get together with friends, enjoy some great food and talk nonsense.  I hate that we are losing that aspect of the site.  

So, let's get together and talk about excuses to get together. I'd like to talk about potential ways forward, a refocus the site in a planning session. Ideas include:

  • Seed bank ?
  • Produce give aways/swap table?
  • Practical get togethers to make something - cheese, bread, cakes, jams, cheap wicking beds - whatever?
  • Garden visits would become a more minor part of the reason we get together and move to a "can someone show me aquaponics or native bees?" type requests.

Come along, have morning tea and bounce around ideas.  Full address will be sent closer to time to those attending. 

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  • Many thanks for the invite. I appreciate the prompt. Unfortunately I will be overseas during this time but I would love to attend future events.

  • Hi Andy, sounds like fun!  But our apologies as Sundays (standing commitment) are out for us unfortunately.  Pls keep us in the loop.

    Paul and Becky

  • Andy is in McDowall, near Everton Park on the north side. 

  • Thank you for the invite,  
    May I ask what suburb is Andy's house in please, to see if local to me.  
    Thank you

  • Andrew great idea to talk about the future of the ning.

    I cannot be there and I know I have not been very active, but I was one of the first to join. Have been involved in community gardens, We run a food group on Coochiemudlo Island and have a permaculture garden.

    To my thinking having a seed bank will be fabulous and important. Rogi in the Redlands has a good one going that may be 'linkable' in some way.

    I have also often wondered if in this day and age, more people would like to know how to run a foodgroup. If you want to have a look, Coochiefoodies.org. We have 60+ members.

    In the future more people will need to grow their own vegies. How can all the written and oral knowledge from the Ning be used? Not reinvented, accessed. Indexed? Not sure, I can find a lot atm, but I am a good searcher. How many people know the ning exists? Is it part of Bris City green advertsising? Does it want to be? How accessible is it all?

    My 10 cents. Thanks for doing it!  Gabrielle Austerberry

  • Will bring my seed collection if I do come.

  • I'd love to come but have registered interest rather than confirmed as life is hectic right now.

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