• Dec 5, 2021 from 10:00am to 12:00pm
  • Location: FULL ADDRESS WAS SENT AT 7.00PM FOR ANDY'S GV - McDowall
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SUNDAY  5th Dec 10.00am TO 12.00pm

This will be a CHRISTMAS PARTY - GV

The address will be sent closer the date. The address is always sent to your email you signed up with, if it is different you will need to change it in your profile


As this may be an event where we need to have particular numbers due to Covid Restrictions, we may need to Limit the number attending. It will be those 1st in to RSVP that will be able to attend, so please be sure you can make it or you may be taking the place of others. 

 About Roz's garden:

The main changes to Andy and Roz's yard since we saw it about a year ago are:

1. the addition of two new grow bag setups 

2. extra cottage garden features at the front and

3. the building site finally took off!

There will be a bit of fooling around with sausage making hosted by Mr Ian Banga White and Andy.

Andy also wants a discussion about the current status and future of BLF.  

Children welcome but must be supervised by parents at all times.

Please bring a small plate of Festive Food or Drink to share, and any plants, produce or seed that you would like to share, swap or sell. Also if you would like to bring along a small gift to swap please do so. If you are bringing children you may like to bring one for them as well

It is always a good idea to bring along a chair as we do sometimes have more visitors than chairs available at GV gardens.

RSVP required so that the address can be sent to you closer to the date. The email address you nominated when you joined will be used. Please update this if it has changed.

Late attendees welcome. Message Dianne or phone 0407691485 on the day for the address.


It's easy. Check HERE read the blurb and message Dianne

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  • Gawd.  I didn't even get 10 mm!  I feel vaguely duded.  LOL. 

  • I'm good with water. Just hope no hail. Glad we had a very big blended family when we bought. Plenty of space. 

  •  I am getting the boat out...

  • PLEASE PHONE FOR ADDRESS IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE.. Thanks so Much... Dianne #0407691485

  • Address has been sent  for Andy's GV on Sunday.  If you did not receive the address it may be because you have changed your email address since joining BLF, if that is the case you will need to upgrade your profile. Hope to see a good Roll Up. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Cheers... Dianne

  • Some advice for Sunday's visit.  

    If you are worried about rain, don't be.  I have plenty of room indoors for us.  Young Paul Webb and Kerri of the off-grid fame will also be coming.  He is the sun oven, bio-gas, parabolic dish man on our site.  

    If I don't get a dry day or so, the lawn will be knee deep and my shame great.  I bought an electric mower which is REALLY good: light as a feather, no angle can flood it, top bit of kit... um...unless the grass is wet.  No can mow right now.  The quails are wet and they stink.  The big yard has garden gators (as you saw from the photos).  I had an electrician go out there but he didn't come back.  Just saying.

    However, the company will be grand.  Judging by every other event, the food will be fantastic.  We will play with sausage making and I heard a rumour of alcohol tasting.  We will lso do some sooth-saying about our BLF future.  I got plans!  (Stolen from other people but plans none-the-less.)

    It will be a good one. 


  • Hong, add pigeon pea to your list.  And duckweed, and pretty much any of the spinach variants.  The buggers will eat them all.  

  • Good evening all,

    I'm looking for herbs to grow for my soon to be fowl flock. If you have any to spare either in seed or plant form, please would you bring some to the GV.
    black wattle Acacia melanoxylon
    fat hen
    gotu kola
    southernwood, wormwood, southernwood, mugwort
    white cedar (melia azederach)
  • Vivianne cheekily suggested the 8 pm time sounded like it was the one when all the drinking would happen.  

  • Hi, The time was right in there when first done so no idea how it got changed, must be some Gremlins in the system, See you all on Sunday.. Cheers.. Dianne

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