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Dianne Caswell replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion Barb and Warren's garden visit 16 January 2022 in Garden Visits
"Thanks so much Barb & Warren for such a wonderful Garden Visit, looks like Graham may join the…"
Andrew Cumberland posted a discussion in BLF Futures
I was having trouble finding all my blog posts - just mine, not everyone's.  Susan mentioned it at…
Andrew Cumberland posted a discussion in Garden Visits
We had a small but quite delightful garden visit today.  The good news was that we could fairly…
Andrew Cumberland posted a photo
I've been pulling this wandering dew out for 10 years. I believe it may in fact be edible scurvy…
  • Andrew Cumberland Damn it! Dave I was using my phone and accidentally deleted your reply. Sorry mate. I didn't even…
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  • Andrew Cumberland I hoped you'd say that!
  • Barbara Tealby This is the commelina cyanea that Dave rhapsodises about, Andy.
Barbara Tealby posted a status
Has anyone eaten pigeon pea sprouts? They're supposed to be nutritious, and to my mind would be a…
Christa replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
"That temperature difference on the side of the road is really shocking.  I am so glad we have a…"
Dave Riley replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
"Here's another stand-out image. The power of mulch, in this case, cut Vetiver. Moisture and soil…"
Dianne Caswell is going to GARDEN VISIT - Sun 16th January 2022 - Barb's First Garden Visit - McDowall
Dave Riley replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
" Yes Brad Lancaster is so relevant to Australia.The videos are useful, but to get to the nitty…"
Andrew Cumberland replied to Scarlett's discussion Turmeric, ginger and galangal leaves: patholi and more
"I crash tested this tonight.  The turmeric works great as a wrap but it's too thick for me to find…"
Barbara Tealby replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
"Very inspirational, but I'm not too sure about those showers!"
Andrew Cumberland replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
"I'll definitely have a look. "


Using Vetiver in the Kitchen Garden

Here's a look-see of how my renovated kitchen garden has come together. The core layout plan rests on planted Vetiver clumps rather than hedges, with all vegetable plantings within a 1.5 metre zone around each clump. No beds. No paths. Just…

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I have been wanting to keep a few chickens in the garden, the boss won't agree so I went out a bought a couple anyway, they have settled in really well , pic attached


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