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Barbara Tealby posted a status
Andy, I can't see a plus sign at the top right under the header on the discussion page. There's a…
9 minutes ago
Dave Riley posted a status
How do I post anything to the site re blogs and discussion? Are pop ups involved.?
17 hours ago
  • Dave Riley
    11 hours ago
  • Dave Riley Sorry. On Firefox and Safari I'm locked out of posting. There is nothing available to me except…
    12 hours ago
  • Andrew Cumberland I can't see anything has changed with blogs and discussions mate.  Do it the same way you always…
    12 hours ago
HONG VO posted a status
Hi all, sorry I don't know how to start a thread, but I'm looking for cassava cuttings, comfrey,…
21 hours ago
  • Janet Fong I have snake bean seedlings and hairy melon seeds, I live on the north side close to CBD. I can…
    26 seconds ago
  • Andrew Cumberland Hong - click the "discussion" button.  Then there is a plus sign on the right just below the…
    12 hours ago
  • Barbara Tealby I've got a couple of (small, neglected, but alive) comfrey plants, and a raspberry plant you are…
    18 hours ago
Vivienne Hallman replied to Vivienne Hallman's discussion Pawpaw seedlings to give away
"Yes I can let you know when the fruit is ripe.  As my original post was in May last year, it will…"
22 hours ago
HONG VO replied to Vivienne Hallman's discussion Pawpaw seedlings to give away
"OK thank you :) Please would you update if you have any seeds..."
22 hours ago
Vivienne Hallman replied to Vivienne Hallman's discussion Pawpaw seedlings to give away
"Hi Hong,
I don't have any seedlings available at present, as the fruits on my tree are still small…"
23 hours ago
HONG VO replied to Vivienne Hallman's discussion Pawpaw seedlings to give away
"Hi Vivienne, 
Do you have seedlings available now? I would love to have some, as many as you can…"
23 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland posted a photo
Roz and I have been growing lillies with some sucess this season as well. 
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Roger Clark posted a status
Hello one and all,
Does anyone have any finger limes that they would like to sell ?
My daughter…
Nov 18
  • Sophie I haven't had fruit and it's been there for a few years. I think there are some sellers on the…
  • Andrew Cumberland I got none on mine.  I'm cringing waiting for everyone else to shout their success.  
    Nov 18
Andrew Cumberland posted a photo
I'm testing the new ning 3 stuff while I wait for answers from them.  Just be aware we may lose…
Nov 17


I have been wanting to keep a few chickens in the garden, the boss won't agree so I went out a bought a couple anyway, they have settled in really well , pic attached


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Coriander conundrum

This year, I had a REALLY good crop of Coriander. Planted in the shade of a pawpaw tree in early April, it grew and thrived for months giving us lots of luscious leaves, and then as the weather heated up and the pawpaw tree got removed, it went…

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Dried Tomatoes in oil

I just dried a pile of cherry tomato halves in the dehydrator (thanks, Andy). I'm thinking of storing them in oil in the fridge. Has anyone else done this, and if so, how long did you keep them for? I have seen all sorts of advice on the web -…

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