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Those who attended my garden visit will have heard me talking about a dilemma I'm having with my corn, beans and tomatoes. Here's how I am trying to deal with it.

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Comment by Elaine de Saxe on October 29, 2015 at 2:35
Right. To me, the bed is being shared by big water users and water misers. Corn, Tomatoes and Capsicums are hungry thirsty plants.
I've had weirdness with Corn, not as extreme as yours but not 'normal' either. Looking at the Capsicum leaves, I see not enough water (limp leaves) and nutrient shortage (scrunched leaves). The Capsies are the first to tell you they are hungry.
The Tomato ditto. You said it produced heaps of fruit - were they ALL bitter? Anyway Toms need a nutrient boost mid-way through their season.
Nitrogen draw-down could be one cause as could heat in the root zone. I managed to kill some expensive fancy plants by putting in half-done Bokashi. Same with B n B - it's a pre-plant fert. meant to be composted before the plants go in.

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