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Basically you plant the rice seedlings and add baby ducks. You might want to add snails or small crustaceans to the rice paddy also. It must have predator proof fencing. You can plant vegetables in the dry land around the edges of the paddy. The ducks eat all of the weeds (no work!). They hassle the rice stalks which makes them grow bigger and stronger, but they won't eat them. They organically fertilise the rice plants (no $). They supplement their feed themselves (greatly reduced feed $) and are healthier (and happier!!) and better quality. As the rice begins to ripen you catch the ducks or they will eat the crop. You now have vegetables, an organic rice crop, an organic duck crop, an organic crustacean/ mollusc crop (they do need cover from the ducks but it can be done), and you didn't have to do any work. It saves hundreds of person hours and the practice is spreading rapidly across the tropics and sub-tropics.

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